North Sea Hijack AKA ffolkes (1979)


This is one hilarious fun filled film mainly because of the amazing Roger Moore’s over the top performance as the eccentric anti-terrorism expert with the wonderful name, Rufus Excalibur ffolkes. They chuck everything at him from wearing silly hats, to drinking whiskey at every opportunity, barking intrusive chauvinist remarks and then having a deep softness to his beloved cats. His character is amazing fun and I bet he had a blast playing against his usual cheeky Bond, The Saint typecast. Not only is the film action packed you can but only enjoy every second Roger Moore is on the screen. I read somewhere that it might of been geared up to becoming a series but unfortunately it never happened.


Rough outline of the story goes along the lines of, terrorists take over a deep sea oil rig and threaten to blow up a few things. Call in ffolkes who has trained a bunch of recruits in his own special forces programme. Trained at a home made training camp at his Scottish castle. This group of anti-terrorism experts are called ffolkes ffusiliers. Can they stop this bunch of bad guys? It’s a hell of a lot of fun to find out.

Director Andrew V. McLaglen did a bunch of macho action films with Roger Moore within a few years of each other with Ffolkes sandwiched in between the middle of The Wild Geese and The Sea Wolves. All are thrilling fun packed films of the era.

A few of the other players in the film are Anthony Perkins (Psycho) James Mason (The Boys from Brazil) David Hedison (Who popped up in a million series throughout the 70’s and 80’s) and to sex things up and to counteract the testosterone, you have the lovely Lea Brodie.

Image from Warlords Of The Deep 1978

Here’s the trailer. I can’t find the full film online unfortunately but it’s well worth giving a go.



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