Death Hunt (1981) Bronson, Marvin and Apollo Creed Freeze Their Nuts Off!

Charles Bronson is going to feature pretty heavily throughout the blog over time with his splendid services to the action movie genre.  With so many favourites I could pick I’ve decided to go with his 1981 film Death Hunt.

Dig out your old trappers beaver fur hat and bear skin coat, get that log fire burning as this is a cold bleak one set in the Canadian Yukon arctic region. Supposedly based on a true story, Bronson plays Albert Johnson and from what I’ve read of the real life events this film may take many liberties but makes for a better story I think.

Bronson gets his famous quiet and solitary routine going which you only know too well hides a bubbling rage under that heap of wool and fur when he is pushed too far. That too far centers around his saving of a dog at the beginning  from a bunch of no gooders and we all know it’s gonna go downhill from there. What comes is a pursuit story across the frozen wilderness, chased by packs of dogs and trackers plus a few members of the Royal Canadian Mounted Police headed by Sergeant Edgar Millen.


Some of the other players in this film are Lee Marvin (Point Blank) as Millen. You have the wonderful named George Washington Lincoln “Sundog” Brown played by Carl Weathers (Apollo Creed, Dillon) plus the always typecast bad guy Ed Lauter as Hazel. Plus the cuddly Amy Marie George happy to keep you warm through those tough cold nights.

Directed by Peter Hunt who in 1969 directed one time James Bond George Lazenby in the exceptional On Her Majesty’s Secret Service

This entertaining film will sit very nicely next to your Rambo First Blood VHS which came out round the same time.

Time to take your seats for today’s film matinee trailer showing of Death Hunt. Wrap up warm and fill that hot water bottle and maybe the addition of a hot toddy or two. Sure you will track it down in a bargain bin somewhere soon…..  Have fun, Wolfy

This is a great watch too, the making of and behind the scenes look at Death Hunt.

A few further reading links

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Review from The New York Times May 22 1981

5 thoughts on “Death Hunt (1981) Bronson, Marvin and Apollo Creed Freeze Their Nuts Off!

  1. As much as I love some of Charlie’s later films with Cannon, this is truly his last “great” motion picture that lives up to his iconic status as it does so for Marvin as well. I feature Bronson regularly as well.
    If you’re into the memorabilia angle of Bronson you might enjoy this vid I put together.
    I’ll be sure to check in any further Bronson writings…..Well done

    Liked by 1 person

    • Hey Mike great to hear from you. Looks like we have a ton of movies in common. I have just followed you blog. The human self of me is known as Mike too hehe. Added a link to your Death Hunt post to mine in the further reading links.
      Bronson is a big favourite so plenty of his movies will pop up over time and you know Mr Majestyk has to be next don’t you :). I will watch your video later tonight. Look forward to it. Thanks for the comment and will have a dig through you big blog soon. I’ve only just started so it’s a bit scarce here at the moment but they coming. All the best… Wolfy


      • Hope you enjoy the video. I just got the Majestck UK release last week. I have the Kino blu ray but the British release has all kinds of goodies including interviews and commentary from Paul Talbot who is quickly becoming the go to guy on Bronson stuff. He has a couple of good books out already on the MAN. I watched Mechanic couple weeks back on the Twilight Time blu ray release. Nice copy and informative commentary as well.
        Keep up the good work….:)


        • No way I didn’t think to look out for commentary editions of these classics. Bet there’s some amazing stories. Will keep them peeled for Majestck because I haven’t seen that since the 80’s. The same goes for The Mechanic, another of my top favs of his. I have that cued up to roll on Netflix soon before it goes. You are the guy with the knowledge Mike, just watched your video, amazing stuff and will post a comment over there. Cheers buddy. I look forward to following your site.

          Liked by 1 person

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