Themroc (1973) Crazier Than A Bag Of Jellied Eels


Billed as a comedy and to be honest it is but you get incest and cannibalism to boot! Crazier than a bag of jellied eels Themroc is a first class nut job. This film is definitely not to all tastes but if you want an anarchic journey into a man’s brain in pure melt down mode then this is the film to watch.

Another thing to note on this film is there’s no dialogue, just grunts, groans and total gibberish. Being a wolf, with my primeval undertones, I can understand some of the primitive language being used and I can assure you that you are best off not knowing what’s going through this guy’s delusional mind.


What’s the plot? Well a factory worker, odd job man, and our anti-hero Themroc, realises he hates the way his daily life is panning out and is driven mad by the 9 – 5 rat race. Rebelling against modern society he decides to do something about it. That something is pretty drastic to be honest, as he starts bricking up the doorway in his front room apartment but not before pushing his Mother out and entrapping his sister in with him.

What ensues is a series of slapstick attempts to get him out of his “cave”. And being so wonderfully French the comedy consists of incest and the eating of a poor fellow on the beat. It all sounds ridiculously upsetting and controversial and rightly so but it sure is original and you really won’t see anything quite like it. It is, at it’s core a very dark comedy satire.

Tagline – The Urban Caveman

To be fair I’m sure most people feel like cracking just like him, stuck in our mundane working week but eating people and having it off with family members might be taking it a little too far!


Directed by Claude Faraldo and starring Michel Piccoli (Themroc) who is a veteran of like a billion films and I’m ashamed to say I only know this one. Please recommend anything of his you think I should watch. I have just put Jean-Luc Godard‘s Contempt on the list, that looks essential.

I’m sure deep in this satire there is many references to revolutionary, anarchy and social order movements but that’s all too intelligent for me and please read into it what you like and feel free to let me know in the comments.

Someone has upload the whole film on Youtube if you fancied it. Just please be wary of a family member who turns up with a pile of bricks and bucket filled with cement!…. Take care, Wolfie.

Let the film roll!

Still got this bad boy on VHS

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