The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen

dscf5339At last I found the time to start reading Alan Moore and Kevin O’Neill’s magnificent comic book collection The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen. Needed that perfect moment to delve into the “superhero” world of victorian Britain, and the festive holiday away from work was what I needed. Slippers squeezed onto my massive paws and snuggled on my favourite leather sofa, wolf den curtains closed, bit of mood lighting and a large bourbon on the rocks. Yep this was the right moment. Oh my how much am I enjoying this book. It’s so beautifully crafted.


I have the omnibus edition and have now just finished the first story of volume 1.  Been spending time admiring the vintage posters, original cover artwork for the single edition comics,  cigarette cards and other amazing memorabilia and curiosities. The attention to detail is mind blowing,  all so exquisite, delightful and wonderfully enchanting.

Getting ready to start volume 2 I got a flashback, a little nightmare jabbing in the back of my brain, a place I can imagine was locked but somehow this memory escaped. A vision of once watching a film adaptation of the aforementioned Extraordinary Gentlemen. A film that featured Sean Connery as Allan Quatermain. That vision starting to feed through to my fresh memories, jeez it was really bad wasn’t it? oh no it’s flooding back to me! I scream out “For the love of all things sacred please take it away” as I smash back a double bourbon and then another. Luckily the rational mind kicks in and starts dissolving those horrible memories. Sanity prevails.

Was it really as bad as my unleased memory informs me?

Now the sick part of my mind starts working and I wonder, actually is it worth revisiting this film after I’ve finished the book? Just for joke entertainment or maybe some morbid fascination. Could this bad film now be elevated to B-Movie status and actually have some fun aspect to it? I think it’s just the alcohol taking but maybe open day I’ll grab a sneaky look at it. Then go through the process of having that locked bad part of my mind wiped! Some sort of electric shock treatment might do the trick..

What did you think of the film? or the book come to that but like Watchmen and V for Vendetta we all know those comics are remarkable. (From Hell is on my bookshelf waiting patiently for my attention, which will soon come)

Have fun… Wolfie x

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