The Seven-Ups (1973)


When he’s not being lazy and chilling on vacation whilst fishing off the coast of Amity IslandRoy Scheider heads up The Seven Ups. Not a support group for addicts of a certain fizzy drink but a crackpot crime fighting division. A band of brothers, four partners who roll around dishing out tough tactics outside the normal police force rules. Getting their name “7 ups” because they only deal with cases that result in prison sentences being seven years or more.

“Seven-ups” Band Of Brothers

Tagline – The story of the police elite, – “The Seven-Ups”- the dirty-tricks squad that even the regular cops are afraid of!

Rod looks and feels very much in role not far removed from his stretch on the streets he spent with fellow no nonsense bad ass cop Jimmy ‘Popeye’ Doyle on The French Connection.

Buddy Russo and Jimmy Doyle, The French Connection 1971

There’s a few things I really loved about this picture and that was the amazing scenes of old New York, just walking down the road chatting to people on street corners, shaking hands with locals and that real presence of being there in the 70’s. Surrounded by imposing high rise blocks and gritty landscapes to roads filled with Pontiacs and Cadillacs, Buicks and Chevrolets.

But the best scene in this film by far is the car chase, it’s truly phenomenal. Has to go in the top five car chases of all time. It’s a massive sequence with nothing but revving engines, bouncing suspension and screeching tyres and no music, all whilst bombing through the busy streets of Manhattan. There’s big connections with production teams from the mother of car chases, Bullitt, so you can’t help but compare them but really just sit back and enjoy it. When Roy Scheider gets out the car he really looks like he’s driven like a lunatic across the whole of New York. It’s a deep joy to watch.

Check the car chase, it’s amped to the max.

Tagline – When they’re after you, you’re gonna hope for a nice stretch in prison. Seven years…and up!

Chuck in some kidnapping, mob bosses, counterfeit money and the resident weird looking bad guy, the classic Richard Lynch. It’s a pretty good crime and cop movie but really the car chase is what we are all here for.

Directed by one time film maker Philip D’Antoni but this guy also produced the two, mentioned above, classics Bullitt and The French Connection movies.

Here’s the cast of the Seven-up crew. All only going with their first names. Roy Scheider is Buddy, Victor Arnold is Barilli, Ken Kercheval is Ansel and Jerry Leon is Mingo.

Wide eyed looney “Moon” played by Richard Lynch

Fun fact – Well it’s not fun at all but Richard Lynch’s mashed up face which made him that famous scary baddie oddball he so frequently played was from when he set himself on fire after taking a LSD trip in 1967!

What’s your thoughts on that chase? What’s the best car chase? Blues Brother maybe? That definitely hits the most fun for sure. Keep it hairy, Wolfman

Here’s the car chase on Youtube.

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