Forklift Driver Klaus (2000)


Many years ago I had attended a course for my forklift license. Twelve of us sitting around a projector screen really not wanting to be there, half dozing off and all getting a little tetchy. In walks the instructor, a tall German guy with a cheeky grin. He pulls out a VHS cassette tape and explains to us the video he is about to show us is the first part of the test and if any of us are squeamish or easily shocked then to please leave now. I gave a little growl “haa what me” and we had a little giggle. 10 minutes later, one guy had been sick and another had left the room but to me it was just another night prowling the city.

Tagline – First day on the job turns out to be the real challenge

Forklift Driver Klaus: The First Day on the Job is a wonderful macabre short film homage to those industrial safety educational films. This is a splatter gore comedy horror and was quite a classic when it did the rounds many years ago on Youtube.

Written and Directed by Stefan Prehn and Jörg Wagner and staring Konstantin Graudus as Klaus.

Fun Fact – The narrator, a guy called Egon Hoegen was actually the voice for a series of real educational videos in Germany.

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