The House Of Small Cubes (2008)


Yes the wolfman does have a soft and cuddly side. I just try not to channel it too much due to the fact the salty tears make the fur under my eyes all knotty. There was no escaping it from this little emotional gem though. In similar tone of getting old and looking back at those treasured memories that Pixar’s UP smashed us straight in the face with a water cannon. This beautiful short animated film is from Japan and written and directed by Kunio Kato and Kenya Hirata. Known originally as Tsumiki no ie.

To save his house from rising flood waters, an old man uses bricks to build it higher, then he relives events from his past while searching for his dropped pipe


Our hero and his beloved pipe

The washed out pastel paint colours flow with the watery scenes along with a blissful and tranquil soundtrack all helping you just float along. Aging, memories, loss, nostalgia and loneliness are all explored in this Oscar winning film. It can be found on Netflix but has also been uploaded to Youtube. Check it out, it’s only 12 minutes long. It’s a beauty.

Here is the short movie in full.

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3 thoughts on “The House Of Small Cubes (2008)

    • Wow that’s brilliant and creative. It’s such an emotional ride. I keep meaning to go back and watch it again but when I look at the box of tissues I’m thinking “nope there ain’t enough”. When the stocks are up to at least 3 boxes I’ll rewatch it.

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      • Sounds like a plan. It’s a touching film that provokes a lot of thinking and the animation presents it very well. I’d watch it again and risk the tears as I did last time when I watched it at work…

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