Quest for Fire (1981) Caveman Boogie & Rae Dawn Chong Goes Commando!


What the hell did I just watch? Well it did have Rae Dawn Chong from Commando in the buff and making cute noises, so it wasn’t at all bad.

I was recommended this by a friend at work who had seen it on it’s cinema release and still remembered it fondly. Checking the IMDB score, which is a very healthy 7.4, I just had to watch it.


Our heroes Amoukar, Naoh, Gaw and Ika

This is what happened to those apes from 2001 Space Odyssey some few thousands years later in the future. Working their way to us through a high budget educational action film. Showing mankind’s feats of bravery and stupidity, learning love, love making and slapstick comedy along the way.

Basically the plot is early Homo sapiens, the Ulam tribe, have a skull goblet bucket thing with a small flame to start fires. After getting in a mass brawl against a tribe of nasty looking thugs their beloved flame is extinguished. With the future looking bleak and cold three brave Ulam’s go off into the unknown lands for the Quest Of Fire. What becomes on this epic journey is tons of walking, caveman nooky, a few scraps with some tribes, hide a bit, find strange painted naked lady, fight a bit more, feed a few wooly friends, more nookie caveman style, climb a tree, joke about, fist fight some animals and kill a few things, then a little bit of love making.


The beautiful Rae Dawn Chong as the painted Ivaka Tribe

The four main actors really have to be awarded the highest awards for honor and duties above and beyond the art of acting. Crawling along in mud half naked in the bleak wilderness with natty hair and pronounced brow bone foreheads. Our four heroes are Ron Perlman (Hellboy) Everett McGill (Twin Peaks) Nicholas Kadi (Sleeper Cell) and the lovely Rae Dawn Chong (Commando with Arnold Schwarzenegger).


There’s no place like home….

The film, originally called La Guerre du feu, is directed by Frenchman Jean-Jacques Annaud and based on a 1911 novel called The Quest For Fire by two Belgian brothers under the pseudonym J H Rosny.
It won an Oscar for it’s make-up design and feels very accurate in terms of historical fact with just the dates probably being 70 thousands years out due to recent finds in technology.

It’s just grunts and groans, just like another night on the tiles for me! I really quite enjoyed this romp around Paleolithic Europe and I see it has a good cult fellowship of followers. Worth checking out if you are in the mood for a historical romp back in time.


Amazing artwork for the original titled “La Guerre Du Feu”

Fun Fact – All the Kzamm Tribe were played by wrestlers including the UK bad boy  Martin Austin Ruane otherwise known as English professional wrestler Giant Haystacks.

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