Roger Corman Interview With Marc Maron


Roger Corman and Vincent Price.

High concepts and low budgets. The King Of Kings, Lord of Lords of the B-Movie empire. From producing over 200 odd films and directing something like 50 movies Roger Corman is a God to independent film making. He is also credited to have given a helping hand to few novice “directors” in their early days. Four big ones at that, James Cameron, Martin Scorsese, Ron Howard and Francis Ford Coppola all learnt their craft in the deep end on Roger Corman projects.

Now aged 90 years old and sounding as youthful as ever, he sits down with Marc Maron’s WTF podcast for an interview. It’s a joyful chat filled with wonderful stories throughout his long amazing career. Now I would normally suggest forwarding the episode to the “main event” but flick it on to about 9mins in. Marc has added a few snippets from past guests chatting about their experiences working with him. First up is Ron Howard from Episode 754 then Joe Dante from Episode 720. Plus you get some recent insight into the Cormon machine from director G J Echternkamp who has been working on the recent Death Race 2050.

It’s a sweet interview with many stories from the irreplaceable Mr Roger Corman. Tune in when you can, you won’t be disappointed. Here’s the link.


By the way what’s your favorite Corman film?

Mine is The Man With X-Ray Eyes starring Ray Milland from 1963. I will do a post about that one soon. Anyway keep it cheesy. Wolfman

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