Gumshoe (1971) Albert Finney Bingo Caller Comedian & Detective


This sounded incredible from the description and I pushed it up my “to watch list” and stuck it on the box last night.

Nightclub bingo caller and standup comedian, if he can get some stage time, also dreams up the idea of being a private eye detective. Starring Albert Finney as Eddie Ginley, he puts an advert in the paper and receives his first job, a mysterious package from The Fat Man, filled with cash, photos, addresses and a gun!

Tagline – Ginley’s a gumshoe. Ginley’s got guts. Ginley’s got a gun.

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Marathon Movie Night Munchies


Nothing beats chilling down to a good movie marathon than the companion of a gallon of beer and a mountain of Memphis pork ribs and French fries. Add to that a jar of the Sweet Baby Ray’s barbecue sauce “The Sauce Is The Boss” to slop all over the plate and you are in business for a tasty times. Yep shit just got real! HOOOOOwwwwWL


Music to bump your rump and shake your maracas at whilst cooking up your feast goes to Brother Jack McDuff – Hot Barbecue on Prestige Records. Movin and groovin.

Doodlebug (1997) 3 Whole Minutes Of Christopher Nolan


Here’s is one of Christopher Nolan’s first short films called Doodlebug from 1997 which clocks in at an epic three minutes, well actually it’s a little under. But the director still manages to throw enough crazy ass shit at the screen in this super low budget film. Paranoia, panic, frustration and obsession and even a Twilight Zone twist in it’s ridiculous short run time. It’s really very good.

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Radio On (1979) UK Road Trip In New Wave Germany Style


I was hooked right from the get go when the typewriter letters started hitting the screen as the intro credits started over the soundtrack to David Bowie’s “Heroes“. Lush black and white photography panning out around an apartment flat going from room to room. Radio On is a British road movie looking like a German art house film. It’s no accident it looks that way as the camera work is done by Martin Schäfery and associate produced by Wim Wenders (Paris Texas) and even stars Wim’s girlfriend at the time Lisa Kreuzer . It’s seems the production was a joint venture between the UK and West Germany. Continue reading

Mikey The Wolfman On Instagram


I’ve added an instagram account to this blog on the right sidebar on a PC or at the bottom of the page if you are viewing on a tablet/mobile. A good place to share film related images I come across. Feel free to follow me if you wish.

You can find me with the name wolfmans_cult_film_club or click the instagram widget thingy majiggy on the sidebar and it will take you there.

Right I’m off for some din dins and contemplate what film to watch tonight. Might have to be a face off, heads and tails coin battle between 5 candidates. All of which I wish to see this weekend. Mind blowing decisions!

Hope you have a great weekend… Mikey Wolfman

Villain (1971) Gangster Vic Dakin Rages About Everything


First up I have to say I was rather disappointed waiting for Ian McShane to metamorphosis into a werewolf! What a charlatan, calling himself Wolf. I was duped. Anyhoo on to the film.

Big love for the old British gangster movie with the likes of Michael Caine leading the way with the sublime Get Carter and Bob Hoskins The Long Good Friday not far away. Then there’s Mona Lisa where both the actors are together shouting out fantastic performances alongside the sexy Cathy Tyson. I’m not much of a fan of the new gangster film but anything from the 70’s & 80’s I’m pretty much all over it. Continue reading