Wolfman’s Hot Ladies Of Sci-Fi – Princess Ardala


A little appreciation to those sexy ladies from science-fiction whom made a young wolfman howl at the moon during his teenage years. Have to say I was partial to the naughty one’s, the bad girls. So first up from the 25th century is the seductive charms of royalty in space, the gorgeous Princess Ardala.

When this Draconian Empire Princess was lying around pampering herself, she loved nothing more than flirting with our hero Buck Rogers. As a young buck myself I realised that it wasn’t Wilma I liked but it was in fact the bewitching, sultry Princess Ardala who got me hot under the fur!

Played by Pamela Hensley she later gave up the spaceways and became C.J. Parsons, helping out mustachioed private investigator Matt Houston.

Tune in again to see who will be the next Wolfman’s hot lady of sci-fi. In the meantime enjoy the sexy princess in her outrageous space clothes.






The Wilma and Ardala line dance was too much for poor Buck..


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4 thoughts on “Wolfman’s Hot Ladies Of Sci-Fi – Princess Ardala

  1. Oh my yes…one reason to watch Super Sci-Fi Saturday Night on MeTV! (Well, there are two reasons, if you know what I mean…Erin Gray was a hot space number as well).

    I’d say it’s high time to start up your ‘Hot Ladies of Sci-Fi’ series again…still a lot of them out there waiting their turn.


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