Room 8 (2013)


The short film format is an excellent place to experiment with quick punchy tales. It’s quite a feat to get a story across in five minutes or so but to also get feelings for a character and thought provoking enough to add wonder in such a short time is very impressive.

Room 8 is directed by James W Griffiths and written by himself and Geoffrey Fletcher. It was part of 5 short films which became finalists for gin maker Bombay Sapphire competition called Imagination.

It stars Tom Cullen (Downton Abbey, Black Mirror) and Michael Gould (Rogue One). Set in prison jail cell with a curious little red box. Have a quick watch to see what unfolds.

It gets comparisons with one of Christopher Nolan’s short films from 1997 called Doodlebug (I’ll post that soon) but I feel it’s more of a homage with a similar idea but differently executed.

Further Reading Links

Room 8 (2013) IMDB


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