Bubba Ho-Tep (2002) Elvis Presley & JFK Fight Egyptian Mummy!


Elvis Presley and JFK are alive and living in an old people’s nursing home. Slowly decaying with age and boredom, they get a new lease on life when an ancient Egyptian Mummy wearing cowboy clothes turns up feasting on the elderly residents souls.
Elvis, or Sebastian Haff as he is going by now, is more concerned about a growth on the end of his pecker and JFK, aka Jack,  is worried Lyndon B Johnson is back trying to hunt him down.

Tagline – The King vs. The King of the Dead

This is a barmy surreal horror comedy and a delightful buddy movie with the Elvis conspiracy story thrown in. As cult movies go, this is freaking insane and quite honestly one of my all time favourites.


The magnificent Bruce Campbell pulls off a real life Elvis with ease. No stranger to the world of horror and comedy, Bruce Campbell is a mega star. Famous for playing Ash in Sam Raimi’s Evil Dead 1 & 2 and Army Of Darkness plus the hilarious Ash vs Evil Dead TV show. He is a walking talking cult hero, a bonafide god amongst men.

JFK is an old black dude played by Ossie Davis. A veteran of cinema throughout many decades and has played many diverse parts from the likes of Sidney Lumet’s The Hill, appearing in Spike Lee’s films to even being Grandpa Archer Dolittle alongside Eddie Murphy! 

Flash back time

Ella Joyce plays the Nurse who fires off stern disapproved looks at our Elvis and rightly so, the poor lass is on lotion duties for his aligning member. Plus he doesn’t say too much but I love the gun totin Lone Ranger called Kemosabe who is pretty much off his rocker, played by Larry Pennell.


Directed by Don Coscarelli who is famous for his fantasy horror films like The Beastmaster (1982) and Phantasm (1979) which he has turned into a series. Bubba Ho-Tep is based on a short story written by Joe R Lansdale in 1994 which was part of an series of tribute stories for a book called The King Is Dead (Tales Of Elvis Postmortem). Don Coscarelli has a sequel in the works with the fantastic title Bubba Nosferatu: Curse of the She-Vampires.


Fun Fact – Ossie Davis was one cool dude. An activist during the Civil Rights Movement he was friends with and was a featured speaker at the funeral of both Martin Luther King and Malcolm X.

Fun Fact 2 – Bruce Campbell has a book out with the brilliant title of “If Chins Could Kill: Confessions of a B-Movie Actor.” 


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4 thoughts on “Bubba Ho-Tep (2002) Elvis Presley & JFK Fight Egyptian Mummy!

    1. hehe it’s a rather bonkers premise. I think it’s a real blast and it’s cemented itself firmly as a wolfie fav but hehe I don’t expect it will be for everyone. Lots of innuendos and deflated jokes, trying to find that mojo again!!!!

      In Elvis voice “well thank you very much BBB” 🙂

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  1. It’s unfortunate that the sequel never panned out. Development hell and Bruce backed out. At one time it was going to star Ron Perlman as Elvis and Paul Giamatti as Col. Tom Parker. Loved to have seen that one but seems a forgotten project now. Would you believe I have the Bubba one sheet and Bruce signed it for me at a book store in Toronto where he was hawking his Chins book. Wise man that I am, also got wife in line with the original one sheet for Evil Dead signed. Glad u liked this one too. If you have a copy on DVD or blu, play it with Campbell doing commentary in character as Elvis. All new experience!

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    1. Dude you are a LEGEND! What a score indeed. Bubba and Evil Dead both signed by the King Bruce. Tooooo much respects. I’m kinda of glad it didn’t work out as it would never be as good as Ho-Tep. That just hits every button for me, it’s quirky, feel good and a buddy movie all rolled up in a surreal horror. It’s pitch perfect.
      I need to get on that commentary as soon as I can. Thanks for the tip bro… Fist bump

      Liked by 1 person

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