Doodlebug (1997) 3 Whole Minutes Of Christopher Nolan


Here’s is one of Christopher Nolan’s first short films called Doodlebug from 1997 which clocks in at an epic three minutes, well actually it’s a little under. But the director still manages to throw enough crazy ass shit at the screen in this super low budget film. Paranoia, panic, frustration and obsession and even a Twilight Zone twist in it’s ridiculous short run time. It’s really very good.

Starring Jeremy Theobald, this feels like a nice little warm up to the debut film, the dark and intriguing film noir 1998 film Following where the actor and director would work together again. Very recommended film if you haven’t seen it before.

Great to see where directors start to develop their skills. From humble beginnings to the crazy mega bucks in blockbusters. Like the up and coming World War II film I really can’t wait to see on the big screen in July this year, Dunkirk. That surely is going to be epic. Like all his films you just know they are gonna be intelligent well thought out pieces of art.

Here’s Doodlebug. Enjoy

Nice to see his brother Jonathan credited as grip! He only went on and made probably my most favorite series ever, well along with Noah Hawley’s Fargo, the remake of my beloved 1973 Yul Brynner malfunctioning robot film the classic Westworld.

The brothers make such an incredible team.

Watch out for that shoe! Mikey Wolfman

PS – If you like this then your like this too Room 8

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