Flashpoint (1984) Kris and Tweat Find Dusty Dirty Desert Dollars.


After spending way too much time driving along the black top for thousands of miles sat sweating in his truck stuck in a convey. Our Kris Kristofferson changed his silly name from Rubber Duck to Bobby Logan and became a Texas border guard.


He’s partnered up with his good buddy Ernie Wyatt (Treat Williams) and love nothing more than getting totally trashed on sour mash and beer. These guys are tight, inseparable and have got each others backs.

Bobby –  You’re the only man I know who can screw up his own wet dream.

Whilst out on border control duties in the vast dust bowl of the desert Bobby stumbles upon a buried jeep. Deciding to dig it out he finds a skeleton and a holdall containing a stash of cash amounting to a grand sum of 800 hundred thousand dollars.


Tagline – A wrecked jeep…. A skeleton…. A rifle… $800,000 dollars in cash

Ernie is a stand up guy with integrity and good morals and Bobby is a no nonsense kind of dude who just wants to take this chance to start a new life. First they have to find out where all that money has come from. With a series of investigations they discover that the dosh and body have been buried there for 20 odd years. Surely by now it has to be forgotten about, lost for good and ripe for the taking?


Now we’ve all seen the films, no good plan involving money ever goes simple. So in comes the Feds tracking down anyone who has connection to the money. Lead by Agent Carson played by the ever shifty looking geezer Kurtwood Smith (12.01pm). These guys don’t let up in their investigations and it’s not long before our two heroes are on the run and wondering what they have managed to get themselves involved with.


Other players along the way are, Sheriff Wells, played by the wonderful named Rip Torn. Two random love interests Ellen (Tess Harper) and Doris (Jean Smart). Plus keep an eye for Old Man Marley the snow shoveling neighbour from Home Alone, the old and wiley bearded Roberts Blossom who plays a character called Amarillo.


Rocking along at a great pace this 80’s action drama is filled with excitement and some mystery. The vast desert landscapes and rocky ledges give a unique touch to this.

Also the soundtrack by German electronic collective Tangerine Dream gives the movie a nice atmospheric ambient electronica touch which really works with many of the moody scenes. The end movie credits song though by The Gems is real gawd darn bad! What were they thinking of?  hehe

Tangerine Dream – Dirty Cross Roads

If it’s brings back memories or giving you a heads up to a film you may not of heard of, that’s what this blog is all about. Let me know if you wish too. Happy viewing. Mikey Wolfman

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