Bill Paxton Interview With Marc Maron


Bill Paxton has always been there, in so many iconic movies. A massive part of growing up, discovering his movies, from the fun parts, to more serious roles. So many memorable performances and a shit ton of quotes to repeat over and over.

First film I saw him in was Weird Science where he played the obnoxious older brother Chet and blob lizard gas thing. Then came Private Hudson in Aliens, the part what cemented Bill Paxton on to all of our minds. You would of thought he might of got typecast from there on in but roles in amazing films like One False Move, Tombstone and Apollo 13 came along. Not to mention the hilarious Simon in True Lies. Remember being “blown away” by Twister when it hit the cinemas and biting my fingernails to A Simple Plan.
Loved it when he turned up in Agents Of Shield and love his banter with Tom Cruise in the Edge Of Tomorrow. He never failed to bring a smile to my face when ever he either starred or just popped up in a movie.

Today I noticed Marc Maron had only very recently interviewed Bill for his WTF Podcast and I listened as I worked. It’s really very emotional listening, obviously ridiculously sad but also very poignant as you think of life and death in a different concept. Hearing his stories and future plans, the passion he had for wanting to be part of a team, learning and teaching.  Yeah I did cry a little and then smiled and laughed as he told the story of becoming Chet from Weird Science.

So interesting to hear his John F Kennedy story, frustrating to hear his project on JFK didn’t get the green light. His parents sounded very cool and you could feel his admiration for them. I need to watch the Hatfields & McCoys series he did with Kevin Costner, which I had not heard of before.  PLus lots of great stories on how he got into the business and a very tiny bit on Roger Corman.

It’s quite an emotional interview when you know of the upcoming events in a few weeks time. Shit man 61. That so sucks….. What a LEGEND he will always be. Xx


(Interview starts at 25 minutes in)

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