Bubba Ho-Tep (2002) Elvis Presley & JFK Fight Egyptian Mummy!


Elvis Presley and JFK are alive and living in an old people’s nursing home. Slowly decaying with age and boredom, they get a new lease on life when an ancient Egyptian Mummy wearing cowboy clothes turns up feasting on the elderly residents souls.
Elvis, or Sebastian Haff as he is going by now, is more concerned about a growth on the end of his pecker and JFK, aka Jack,  is worried Lyndon B Johnson is back trying to hunt him down.

Tagline – The King vs. The King of the Dead

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Room 8 (2013)


The short film format is an excellent place to experiment with quick punchy tales. It’s quite a feat to get a story across in five minutes or so but to also get feelings for a character and thought provoking enough to add wonder in such a short time is very impressive.

Room 8 is directed by James W Griffiths and written by himself and Geoffrey Fletcher. It was part of 5 short films which became finalists for gin maker Bombay Sapphire competition called Imagination.

It stars Tom Cullen (Downton Abbey, Black Mirror) and Michael Gould (Rogue One). Set in prison jail cell with a curious little red box. Have a quick watch to see what unfolds.

It gets comparisons with one of Christopher Nolan’s short films from 1997 called Doodlebug (I’ll post that soon) but I feel it’s more of a homage with a similar idea but differently executed.

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Extreme Prejudice (1987)


First thing first, I thought they were on to me on the opening intro scene when the typing of the top secret mission started. Under the code word Zombie Unit the words started to unfold and there before my eyes “werewolf” was I under surveillance? Had they taken an Extreme Prejudice action out on me? I sat there throughout the performance ready to pounce into action but then it dawned on me the film is from 1987 and I shook my head and laughed “oh you silly wolfman!” Continue reading

Targets (1968) Karloff, Corman, Bogdanovich B-Movie Bedlam


Roger Corman produced, directed by Peter Bogdanovich and starring Boris “King Of Monsters” Karloff. This is effectively a B-Movie but is as close to A class as you can get. One of my favourites, it was an absolute pleasure to watch again this week after such a long time. It still shocks and thrills as much as it ever did, it’s very brutal yet compelling. Continue reading

Last Summer (1969) A Perfect Threesome Becomes a Foursome

last-summer-1969-poster-2Frank and Eleanor Perry smash it out the park, again. That’s now three out of three I’ve watched recently and each have blown me away. The Swimmer, David and Lisa and now Last Summer. Still can’t believe I’d never heard of this amazing partnership. Frank on directing duties and his wife Eleanor doing the screenplay. What a pairing. Continue reading

The Offence (1973) Smashing Depressing Detective Sergeant Sean Connery


It’s hard to recommend a film with such a depressing and unsettling premise as this story has, and understandably so. It’s a movie which on paper you’re not going to wish to view and I can assure you it’s a tough two hours of unrelenting bombardment of doom. But dear god man, it is a truly powerful film with immense performances from it’s star Sean Connery and the strong supporting cast. Continue reading

Creature from the Black Lagoon (1954)


Now I’ve known Larry for many years and even though he’s at least 2 generations my senior, the old boy can still party. Well last night we really went to town knocking back the whiskey and beers, spinnin records and chatting about life way into the late hour.  Just as dawn was beginning to appear, Larry started slurring his words and on cue, the ramblings about the whole Creature From The Black Lagoon debacle had to be endured again. I smile, sit back and let him get it off his chest again, really how could I resist that gormless face? Continue reading