Sunday Too Far Away (1975) – Sheep Shavers


Maybe it’s because my surname is Shears and I channel the DNA of my ancestors of sheep shearers but I really enjoyed this tale of Australian sheepherders and gun shearers set in the 50’s. Then again it might just of been all the booze being drunk that channelled by inner lust for sweet liqueur? Either way the Aussies always make incredible dramas and even though it’s about shaving sheep and hanging around with almighty hangovers, Sunday Too Far Away is nothing short of compelling.

Tagline – Friday night… too tired. Saturday night… too drunk. Sunday… too far away.


This is the story of a bunch of haggard hard drinking, hard working bunch of guys living in the outback getting contracted out to big farms to work the “shed”. A purpose built giant barn with powered shearing stations. Hundreds of sheep are herded in and one at time the guys grab them by the legs and shave off the wool.


These jobs are contracted out to gangs, with fierce rivalry between them. Even within their own gang you compete, for pride, who can knock out the most numbers a day. King of the shavers is Foley (Jack Thompson). The top guy for 10 years running. A guy who is desperate to get away from the town but always comes back, hilariously shown in the opening scenes.


Wait for a job, drinking all day, get job, drink on the way to job and waiting to start job, finish job, drink and gamble all your money away and then repeat. The only person in the small town to benefit I guess is the landlady of the local bar but then that probably gets smashed up on a weekly bases.


Random Scene – The bums wiggling and wobbling to the drums as the two guys race each other washing their clothes! LOL

What’s great about the film is the banter, friendships, the downing tools we gotta have a meeting and the run ins with the cook. Plus you get some strike action, talks on pay and bonuses plus a few scabs thrown in.

Who thought shaving contracts could be so interesting?

It’s been uploaded to YT here if you fancied it.

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