Off Limits (1988) Saigon Detectives

Off Limits (1988) Poster

This is a very effective action packed buddy movie with quite the bizarre setting of war torn city of Saigon in 1968. With the Vietnam war playing out in the background and the heat and debauchery of the country’s city, two army detectives investigate the serial killings of young prostitutes.

Off Limits (1988) Gregory Hines and Willem Dafoe

Tagline – Being a cop is tough. But in Saigon, 1968, being a cop is crazy…

Gregory Hines, the man with puppy dog eyes, plays Albaby Perkins a tough gum chewing no nonsense guy who has a fetish to ripping balls clean off! Along with his fellow Sergeant First Class, is Buck McGriff, played by Willem Dafoe who on a rare occasion doesn’t feel the need to get his arse out! I imagine he probably tried but Gregory wasn’t at all impressed.

Off Limits (1988) Gregory Hines and Willem Dafoe car

Buck McGriff – I could pop your head like a pimple before they get off a single round.

These two tough CID (Criminal Investigation Command) officers, run around chasing suspects at break neck speed and getting caught up in dangerous situations in the “Off Limits” area. Having cat fights and banter with the local police force and dropping into full on battlefront combat carnage in the field. These two also finding the time to escort naughty Nicole the French Nun (Amanda Pays) around the city and get chatting to poor dripping dick Maurice (Keith David).

Off Limits (1988) Gregory Hines and Willem Dafoe Keith david

Tagline – Going too far is what they do best..

Keeping an eye on each others backs and not knowing who to trust, can our two brothers in arms solve the case and bring an end to these horrible murders?

Off Limits (1988) got a tail

Watch out we are being tailed!


Popping up along the way is Master Sergeant Dix (Fred Ward) who helps our guys out in the investigations and the brash, boisterous and kinky Colonel Dexter Armstrong (Scott Glenn) who likes a tidy chopper. All the going ons help to add to the sweaty melting pot in this outrageously grim action packed 80’s mystery crime drama film.

Fun Fact – I read that Gregory Hines is said to have improvised some of his scenes from the testicles crushing interrogation to flippin the bird with his middle finger to angry mob.

Off Limits (1988) albaby flipping the bird

Be sure to check Mr Hines in another buddy cop film Running Scared with Billy Crystal, one of my personal favs. Also Mr Dafoe has made tons of excellent films but a recent watch recommend I can say is To Live and Die In LA.

Best Scene – The opening credits as they drive down the packed bustling Saigon high street giving everyone the eyeball and throwing around the muscle as Wilson Pickett’s Funky Broadway blasts out the car stereo.

Here’s the trailer

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    • Bizarre actor, now that’s for sure, he can go from Jesus to a Green Goblin to a vampire. From romping around naked to Mr Bean! To his fantastic quiky performances with Wes Anderson. He’s had incredible diverse career. I do love Mr Dafoe 🙂

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