Red Sun (1971) Cowboys & Indians & Samurai!


Red Sun (1971) Poster

Just from the magnificent poster I had to see this, immediately. Red Sun has such an incredible international all star line up! American action monster superstar Charles Bronson, Swiss sex bomb Honey Rider aka Ursula Andress, Japanese megastar Toshiro Mifune aka Kikuchiyo of the Seven Samurai and sexy Frenchman hitman Alain Delon, a samurai from another life.

Tagline – The greatest fighting machine the west has ever known….

Red Sun (1971) charles bronson Alain Delon and samurai train

Now the story goes, a bunch of Japanese tourists decide to take a delightful train trip through the old West. Only to have their holiday disrupted by a callous bunch of bandidos and train robbers. Taking over the train and swiftly blowing up tons of stuff they make off with a whole heap of loot and a ceremonial Japanese sword which was to be presented to the President of the United States, one Ulysses S. Grant. Now these Japanese guys are not what the locals expected, these guys are tough as nails Samurai warriors. One Samurai, Kuroda Jubie (Mifune), takes on the task of tracking down the person who stole the sword and caused all this mayhem.

Red Sun (1971) Charles bronson and Toshiro Mifune 2

Chain ganged into helping Kuroda on his retrieve and destroy mission is the ever cheeky and good natured Link Stuart (Bronson). He’s not practically pleased with this situation so tries every waking minute trying to escape his serious samurai stalker. Whilst larking about with their cat and mouse actions and they start to respect and understand each other.

Tagline – The first East meets West Western!

Red Sun (1971) alain delon Gotch Gauche Kink

Being pursued is the treacherous and ruthless lefthanded gunman Gotch “Gauche” Kink (Delon) leader of a gang of wayward rebels. Gotch’s has one weakness in his hard exterior, that for the naughty and feisty strumpet Cristina (Andress). A girl who knows how to play and twist events in her favour. And as a special treat for the lads and maybe some girls too, we get to see her puppies, hubba hubba.

Red Sun (1971) charles bronson and Ursula Andress

Just to make matters worse for our traveling samurai warrior and his cowboy partner, there is also a psychotic bunch of Comanches on the loose having a pop at everyone. Can our two unconventional friends over come the baddies and restore honour in the heat of the rising red sun? Tune into this original take on the western genre to find out.

Red Sun (1971) Charles bronson and Toshiro Mifune

Directed by Terence Young who directed three massive James Bond films, Dr No, From Russia With Love and Thunderball, you know you are going to be in good hands.

Red Sun (1971) charles bronson and Ursula Andress 2

Fun Fact – Toshiro Mifune is from the Seven Samurai and Charles Bronson from the remake The Magnificent Seven.

Let me know what you thought of it if you’ve seen it,  now pass the popcorn and most importantly, have fun… All the best… Mikey Wolfman

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5 thoughts on “Red Sun (1971) Cowboys & Indians & Samurai!

  1. Entering my expertise area with this one. One of the earliest films I remember with Bronson seeing it as a kid on late night TV and my first with the other three leads. I was forever a fan of Mifune after this.
    Red Sun offers a rare opportunity in that it gave Bronson a character that is really a con artist with a gun so he got to play cute quite often opposite Mifune. More so when he knows he’s really no match for the Samurai. Nice to see him smiling throughout as opposed to his custom scowl.
    Trivia? One of only two movies you ever hear Charlie sing in.
    The Seven Samurai Meets The Magnificent Seven. At least one member of each.
    There was some talk of reunting Bronson and Mifune in the late 70’s bit it never happened…. a loss to be sure. This was the second flick with Delon that Bronson made but the tide had turned since the first, Farewell Friend. Bronson was the superstar on the rise and Alain took second place.
    A good budget and big screen entertainment here.
    I included this one in the Bronson starter kit where I see you left a comment about this one….glad you both caught up to it and enjoyed it as much as I do.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Hi Mike, I knew this one would get your Bronson senses tingling hehe.
      Yeah I saw it in your Bronson poster collection yt video you did, that and the fun White Buffalo have been most excellent views.
      Your so right with the smiling Bronson, one of the things I really picked up on is his cheeky and good nature. Probably my favourites moments were the antics between the him and Mifune. Turning that growly old wrinkled frown upside down.
      After watching the Le Samourai with Delon I did a search and did a double take when I saw Farewell Friend with Bronson and him again. Will be watching soon. I admit to being new to Delon’s work so I have a whole heap of films to watch. Especially all the French noir crime thrillers. A very happy man.
      Plus Mifune is back on my watch this week list, Hell In The Pacific with Lee Marvin, can’t wait. I’ve never seen it but I know you have, I’m sure 🙂
      Really appreciate the comments and you knowledge buddy. Cheers

      Liked by 1 person

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