Wolf Lake (1980) – Messed Up War Veterans

Wolf lake (1980) poster

An hour and half and not one sign of any wolves, lycans or otherwise. No one howling at the moon, no metamorphosis from human to wolf or visa a versa, I want my money back! Well it was free, so I mustn’t grumble, Wolf Lake Youtube.  Will give them the lake part of the title though, there was one big ass lake. Wolf Lake is located in Yukon, Canada but I’ve just read it was filmed in Mexico!

Tagline – Survive the night at Wolf Lake if the suspense doesn’t kill you first!

Wolf lake (1980) Rod Steiger taking aim

This pretty darn depressing movie from the 1980’s stars the one and only Rod Steiger, the star of one of my favorite movies, well top five for sure, A Fistful Of Dynamite aka Duck, You Sucker. Now this might be a B-movie, exploitation style film but to be fair Rod does give it a pretty good performance as the menacing alpha male bully Charlie, an ex sergeant world war two veteran who has recently lost his son to the Vietnam war.

Wolf Lake (1980) David Huffman Rod Steiger

Charlie to David – “You are a boy aren’t you? With all that hair you could be a bearded lady?”

Wolf Lake (1980) Richard Herd Paul Mantee peeping toms

Coming to the Wolf Lake with 3 old war buddies to unwind, drink, hunt and reminisce. Unfortunately a young couple who are looking after the lodges get in way of boys time and when Charlie discovers the lad David (David Huffman) is a Vietnam deserter all hell breaks lose.

Wolf lake (1980) three army buddies gone too far

David to Charlie – “If Bullshit was music you’re be a brass band Charlie!”

David and his girlfriend, a rather saucy young lady called Linda played by Robin Mattson, will be giving “no stars” and a pretty stern review on Tripadvisor.

Tagline – The hunter. The hunted. The hatreds hidden too long.

Wolf Lake (1980) David Huffman Robin Mattson cabin fever

Charlie’s hunting buddies are Wilbur (Jerry Hardin), George (Richard Herd) and Sweeney (Paul Matee). Three actors you will certainly go “oh that’s the guy from thingy, oh what’s it’s called?” and have been in hundreds of films, TV movies and television shows between them.

Directed by Burt Kennedy who made a bunch of cowboy and western films but also made the classic film, wait for it…. Suburban Commando with Hulk Hogan hehe..

Wolf Lake (1980) David Huffman Robin Mattson

I’ve hit a lot of depressing films recently and this is another for the doom pile, think Straw Dogs. So if your happy levels are maybe a little too high, then I suggest you watch this to level them back to normal.  I do have a bunch of comedy satires to clear the cobwebs out, watch this space.

To be honest I enjoyed the tension and the performances, especially Rod Steiger who growled and snarled out all his lines with venom. It’s a rare one to find so grab it on Youtube before it goes if you fancy it.

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