Director Walter Hill Interview With Marc Maron


Marc Maron has a superb interview with another icon of film on his podcast WTF. This time it’s the brilliant action superstar director Walter Hill who made one of my all time favorite films from my teenage years, the classic The Warriors. When it comes to big action films Mr Hill smashes them out the park. You got The Driver with Ryan O’Neal and Bruce Dern , other big favourites are the swampy Southern Comfort with Powers Boothe and the recent wolfie watched mass assembled cast of Extreme Prejudice.

Then there’s the big action stars of Bruce Willis in Last Man Standing and Arnold Schwarzenegger as the Russian policeman in Red Heat. Other classics include another VHS fav of mine Brewster’s Millions with Richard Pryor and John Candy to the wise cracking criminal Eddie Murphy and no nonsense cop Nick Nolte in 48hrs. Plus the one I’m going to watch this week (I have a small feeling I have seen it in the 80’s but can’t remember) the Charles Bronson film he stars as a prize fighter in the 1975 film Hard Times.

Walter talks about how he got started in the business to his more recent project The Assignment which stars the gorgeous Michelle Rodriguez. Whilst adding little anecdotes from his film career like The Long Riders, working with comedians Eddie Murphy and Richard Pryor to the origins of those immortal famous lines “Warriors come out to play”. Plus that big connection to the Alien franchise where you see he’s credited on every Alien film. It’s a great interview and I will admit to letting out a surprised gasp when I flicked through the new episodes to see who’s been on recently.

He’s been a big part of many a film fanatic growing up, from a teenager to the big kid I still am today.  It was a massive joy to listen too.

Episode 805 Walter Hill Marc Maron WTF Podcast (Interview starts around 15 minutes in)


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