Michael Caine Funk Attack Soundtrack Mix

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Michael Caine, Roy Budd, Trailers and Soundtracks. What’s not to like? This is an extract from a radio show podcast I did in August 2011.

When I’m not wolfing around, my unhairy self tinkers with music. Going by the name Mad Mongos Mike I used to do a little radio show which featured an across the board eclectic array of sounds. Occasional I went all Inception and featured a mix within a mix. Feeling that it’s a very apt for this here film blog I now present the legend who is Michael Caine. A funky ride through some of his films with a few extra Roy Budd sounds to boot.

Get carter 1971 Michael Caine Film Poster movie 2

No can say “Crap House” with so much venom than Jack Carter.

Michael Caine has always been one of my favourite actors and have adored so many of his films throughout the years. The Ipcress Files hit the spot for me when after being a very passionate fan of Patrick McGoohan series The Prisoner, I was taken in by Harry Palmer who I felt was very similar to Number 6. No more so than the end drugs and mind control section at the end of the film.

Michael Caine Get carter Film Movie music roy budd wolfman cult film blog

Loved the music associated with a lot of his films especially as Roy Budd had a big hand in a lot of the scores. So it seemed apt that doing a little Caine section would involve quite a few films which they work together on. As I was looking for his music I remembered how amazing the soundtrack to “Who Dares Wins” was so had to add. So yes it went off on one but I feel it’s a pretty enjoyable 18 or so minutes. It’s not just music from films, I’ve added some film trailers in there too. Get Carter had a massive impacted on me when I first saw it and consequently watched it over and over again for months. It was something so raw about his whole performance that grabbed me. It was relentless but felt so real. The music was stunning and went so well with the dark edgy mood of film.

Michael Caine Funeral in Berlin movie film icon wolfmans cult film club

Other Caine films I love but didn’t make the mix as the soundtracks didn’t fit in are the underrated and not much seen Pulp, the wonderful epic The Man Who Would Be King and I do love Gambit but chuck in there anything else from the likes of Dirty Rotten Scoundrels to Mona Lisa.  And of course The Muppet Christmas Carol gets seen every single Christmas Eve.

Just to make things a bit difficult the connection goes off on one but they are all slightly connected somehow. There’s a tune from Caines other Harry Palmer film The Billion Dollar Brain plus a little bit of music from The Ipcress Files which was done by John Barry and the Roy Budd soundtrack Who Dares Wins which has nothing to do with Caine but is a film about the SAS which started Edward Woodward and Lewis Collins. So yes it’s a strange mix but an enjoyable one I must add.

I hope you enjoy the sounds. There’s a Clint Eastwood funk attack mix too which I will post up soon.

Michael Caine Ipcress File movie film icon wolfmans cult film club

The Ipcress Files – Trailer
Roy Budd – Jazz It Up [The Marseille Contract]
Richard Rodney Bennett – Anya [Billion Dollar Brain]
Get Carter – Trailer
Roy Budd – The Plant – [The Black Windmill]
The Black Windmill – Trailer
Roy Budd – End Theme [The Marseille Contract]
Roy Budd – SAS Or Nothing [Where Eagles Dare]
Roy Budd – A Smile you can’t resist [Where Eagles Dare]

4 thoughts on “Michael Caine Funk Attack Soundtrack Mix

  1. I too love Caine and this was a great idea for a post! Well done. If you haven’t seen Too late the Hero, I’d highly recommend it. A Robert Aldrich war flick. I’ve always loved it when he gives us a patented “Bloody Hell!”https://mikestakeonthemovies.com/2015/07/11/bloody-hell-its-the-michael-caine-movie-poster-gallery/

    Liked by 1 person

    • I haven’t seen “Too late the Hero” but I must of come across it on my discovery path as I have it in a folder to watch. I take your recommend and budge it up the watch list. You can never have too much Caine, even Jaws 4 has it moments? Actually scrub that lol.

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