Truck Turner (1974) – Pursuit Of The Pimpmobile


Big black baldy bail bondsman bounty hunter Truck Turner busts heads in this gloriously fun 70’s smasher starring that Hot Buttered Soul Love Machine himself Isaac Hayes. Not only does he get to trash a whole array of pimps and dealers, he gets to take on the soundtrack duties, adding the funk grooves to the proceedings. Nothing sounds better than watching crazy clothed pimps and hoes and wrecking ball car chases accompanied to the sound of wah wah guitar, dirty basslines, horn stabs and funky as hell drum breaks.

Truck Turner (1974) isaac hayes bail bonds bounty huntersTruck Turner (1974) isaac hayes bail bonds bounty hunters coors beer

Injured former professional footballer Mack “Truck” Turner and his partner and good friend Jerry (Alan Weeks) work for bondsman Fogarty (Dick Miller) who has a pimp on the books called Gator (Paul Harris) who has skipped bail. Truck meets up with an old retired pimp friend Duke (Scatman Crothers) who points Truck and Jerry in the right direction.

Truck Turner (1974) isaac hayes jerry pimp mobile chase bounty huntersTruck Turner (1974) isaac hayes gun towers

This leads to what I had been waiting for, the chase theme from the soundtrack called “Pursuit Of The Pimpmobile“. It’s a 9 minute track and I’ll tell you I wasn’t expecting most of it to be in the film as the boys chase Gator across town, through backstreets, highways and some real random sets, like running across a water processing plant into an underground factory. With all the smashing and tires burning and some grand theft auto you also get a mass brawl in a bar. It’s a real frenzied action packed scene filled with frills and spills with a heap of comedic leanings. It’s a joyful sequence.

Here’s the trailer.

Dorinda – “We call her Turnpike, cuz you gotta pay to get on and pay to get off!”

Another deep joy is in the form of a certain sexy communications officer from Star Trek Lieutenant commander Nyota Uhura otherwise known as Nichelle Nichols. She looks like she having a ball playing Gators main girl and madame to a whole harem of prostitutes called Dorinda. Pulling off an amazing selection of bonkers looking outfits whist she barks orders and harsh put downs to everyone she meets. Anyone who lusted after Uhuru in their teens get a few nice little side boob action shots here and there. But damn this girl is one scary mo-fo!

Truck Turner (1974) Nichelle Nichols Nyota Uhura Yaphet Kotto star trekTruck Turner (1974) isaac hayes all the pimps and hoes

Now to add to all the madness going on, in enters big bad number one pimp Harvard Blue aka Mr Big aka Kananga from Live and Let Die the one and only, the formidable Yaphet Kotto. He stands in with a whole bunch of comical dressed other pimps and to add to Trucks woes they order a gang of cleaners in to cause mayhem, hitman called the insurance men.

Truck Turner (1974) sexy Annazette Chase

Through all this crazy our Truck has his girl, the hot Annie (Annazette Chase) to look after when she is just released from jail and also her pet cat! Promoting a strange love making scene with a box of Kentucky Fried Chicken and the onlooking pussy cat.

Annie – “Wow you wanna give me beer and screw me!”
Truck – “Alright alright alright we’re stop and get something to eat first!”

Truck Turner (1974) pimps and hoes

Directed by Jonathan Kaplan who bought us a different truck smasher in the likes of White Line Fever but also another blaxploitation film called The Slams starring Jim Brown which I really wouldn’t mind seeing.

Fun Fact – I read that Isaac Hayes and his band played the entire score for director Jonathan Kaplan at Hayes’s home. I bet that was an amazing night of jams.

Truck Turner (1974) Poster Film Movie Isaac Hayes

6 thoughts on “Truck Turner (1974) – Pursuit Of The Pimpmobile

    • “Snap” haha yes indeed we do so have a taste for the same titles. We might have some 4000 miles between us but the wonder of the blog doesn’t stop the movie chat. 🙂
      Having seen so many Blaxploitation films over the years, especially on VHS in the 80’s and the fact I have a load of them as soundtracks LP’s it still shocks me how many I keep seeing on IMDB that I didn’t have a clue existed. Lots of happy viewing times ahead.

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  1. This film is brilliant! Nichelle Nichols steals the show as the foul mouthed Dorinda. Yaphet Kotto is seriously scary as the villain. The pimp funeral is hysterical. Strong performances throughout.

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  2. […] There was one slight odd thing to Uhura which everyone onboard had noted but wouldn’t dare bring it up. An each to their own, kind of thing. When she left to have some down time on the holodeck she’d always return to the same time?  1974 Los Angeles, California. Going by the name Dorinda, she loved nothing more than relaxing, pimping out her harem of girls and being chased down by bounty hunter Trunk Turner! […]


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