Scorpio (1973) Cold War With The Reverend Tom Jones!

Scorpio (1973) movie film poster artwork spies cold war burt lancaster alain delon

Been rinsing the Burt Lancaster films this week with three in a row. First up was Go Tell The Spartans followed by Atlantic City. Now I got the chance to watch the Cold War antics of two hit-men in director Michael Winner’s spies and espionage thriller Scorpio.

Tagline – The most incredible manhunt of them all!

Scorpio (1973) Intro title movie film burt lancaster

Burt Lancaster plays the aging agent Cross, who might of gone rogue, maybe a double agent but for sure he’s a pain in the ass for the CIA. Cross has been training up a young protege, French hit-man Jean Laurier with the code name, Scorpio. He’s played by Alain Delon with a slight quirk, the stone cold killer has a fondness for street cats, not ladies of the night? but the fluffy feline variety.

Scorpio (1973) alain delon street cat lover

Tagline – When Scorpio wants you… there is no place to hide!

Now I’m a massive Cold War fan, been brought up on George Smiley running The Circus in Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy and Smiley’s People and the likes of Harry Palmer, Number 6 and all the spies trying to get out of the cold. So this film should of hit all the right notes for me but sadly something was missing and I can’t quite put my finger on it.

Scorpio (1973) jet planespies cold war burt lancaster alain delon

One things for sure, they pull out all the stops, double agent’s, traitors, controllers, CIA double crossing, back stabbing, informers, KGB agents, secret squirrels and even disguises. Burt Lancaster as The Reverend Tom Jones!

Scorpio (1973) spies cold war burt lancaster tom jones

Maybe it was the pacing, maybe it was the introduction to so many characters and plot devices. It could of been the relationship between master and student wasn’t pulled off as well as it could of been?  It certainly wasn’t our Burt’s fault as he was his usual charismatic self.

Scorpio (1973) spy cold war chase scene alain DelonScorpio (1973) spy cold war chase scene burt lancaster 2

I don’t know but don’t get me wrong I did enjoy the film and man I tell you the chase scene is well worth the wait.  It’s fast-paced, frantic and totally furious. Set in a decapitated building site with crumbling concrete and fallen timber, rubble strewn across every where, when it starts you get the chase which starts your heart pumping. Awesome score from Jerry Fielding to accompany the action as guns are fired and our stars throw themselves off ladders and walls into dirty dusty pits. Burt, with his hobby of gymnastics, does all his own stunts and some of them you gotta say, must of hurt!

Scorpio (1973) spy cold war chase scene burt lancaster

So who’s the goody and who’s the baddie? Who’s gonna take the hit or give out the hit? Is there ever any winners or losers in the art of cold war? Tune in to find out or have you seen it? The more I think about it whilst doing this post the more I liked it. Whats your thoughts?

Scorpio (1973) spy cold war burt lancaster 2

Keep watching the screens, have fun. Mikey Wolfman.

Scorpio (1973) Roger Ebert’s Review From 1973

Scorpio (1973) IMDb


17 thoughts on “Scorpio (1973) Cold War With The Reverend Tom Jones!

              1. Haha thank you for your kind words but I doubt that! You write very well. Where are you from?

                I know only ”Disposable Darling”, it’s a short movie, but I haven’t watched it. The cinema production is incredibly small and I am much more connected to the Russian (and in general post-Soviet space) culture actually.

                The Lithuanian film ”Aurora” (also known as ”Vanishing Waves”) got some good recognition.


                1. The Wolf Den is in the South Coast of England.
                  Thanks for the info on the local films sci-fi adventures.
                  Vanishing Wave looks and sounds very inventive.
                  It not near but in the same ball park maybe back in the day I guess! I’m watching the Czechoslovakian film Ikarie XB 1 tonight.
                  Bet that’s on your blog? 🙂

                  Liked by 1 person

                  1. Ah pardon me. You’ve told me that few days ago! Such a shame.

                    Not yet, but it’s also on my list! There’s a huge amount of old sci-fi I haven’t seen. It often needs a right mood to be approached.

                    Liked by 1 person

  1. I’ve been itching to crack the seal on my blu ray for this one but never seem to get to it. Been a few years since I’ve seen it but it’s hard not to like a film with Burt and Alain as assassins. Star power! It’s very 70’s ish so maybe it hasn’t aged well for you? Either way, I’ll have to feature the film over at Mike’s Take and dig into the vault for my original one sheet. 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Loving the Burt Mike as you know. The 70’s vibe is what I love best. What ever the era, it’s the time capsule look of the sets and scenery that I adore so much whilst watching the oldies. Especially the cars and clothes. They are timeless to me as I bet the same goes for you.
      Looking forward to seeing your write up and seeing the one sheet wonder poster. 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

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