What’s Been Watched This Month – June 2017

Whats been watched 4

I do like a list, hope you do too! Here’s what has been watched in June 2017.

Twins Peaks return has dominated this month’s television schedule again. So good to have Agent Cooper back, well of sorts. Sure his cherry pie loving days will be back in full effect soon. EPISODE 8 = Probably the greatest piece of tele-VISION ever put on the small screen, well any screen to be honest.

21 films this month and a total of 143 since the start of the blog in January.

Bad Company (1972) – Wolfman Rating 7 – IMDB Rating 7.1
Jeff Bridges and Barry Brown live off the land causing trouble with a group of like minded young outlaws during Civil War times. Was on Netflix. A well told coming of age saga.

Too Late the Hero (1970) – Wolfman Rating 7 – IMDB Rating 6.8
The story of a reluctant hero played by Cliff Robertson, who just wants to chill out the end of the war on a beach drinking beer but unfortually gets signed up against his will to a motley crew of British lunatics. Which feature Michael Caine, Ian Bannen and Denholm Elliott to name a few. Very entertaining war story.

Telefon (1977) – Wolfman Rating 8 – IMDB Rating 6.6
Cold War spy drama from director Don Siegel with Charles Bronson, Lee Remick and Donald Pleasence. Wolfie write up here.

We’re No Angels (1955) – Wolfman Rating 8.5 – IMDB Rating 7.5
This film should be on more top Christmas lists. Wonderful film starring Humphrey Bogart, Peter Ustinov and Aldo Ray as a trio of naughty escaped prisoners but are their hearts completely bad?

Breakout (1975) – Wolfman Rating 5.5 – IMDB Rating 6.2
Charles Bronson and Robert Duvall couldn’t save this stinker. In it’s defense though, Bronson was great and it may well of been the amount of booze flowing through my veins as I stumbled in from the local pub on lads night Friday. Probably.

The American Friend (1977) – Wolfman Rating 10 – IMDB Rating 7.4
Big fan of director Wim Wenders. This one stayed with me for sometime, it really drew me into the story. Find out more on the my post. Wolfie write up here.

Orion’s Belt (1985) – Wolfman Rating 8.5 – IMDB Rating 6.9
Bit of Norwegian Cold War drama at sea? You got me hook, line and sinker. Wolfie write up here.

The Shooting (1966) – Wolfman Rating 7 – IMDB Rating 6.7
If it wasn’t for the annoying girl character I reackon I would gone for 8.5 but hey! Jack Nicholson, Will Hutchins, Warren Oats and Millie Perkins have a road trip of sorts in the dusty desert.

Bad Ronald (1974) – Wolfman Rating 8 – IMDB Rating 7.1
Really hope to do a post on this TV movie soon as it’s a real low budget gem.

Attack (1956) – Wolfman Rating 10 – IMDB Rating 7.5
I was totally absorbed in Jack Palance’s characters plight. Really hit the emotion button. Wolfie write up here

The Liberation of L.B. Jones (1970) – Wolfman Rating 7 – IMDB Rating 7
Damn this was a hard watch but I had to due to Lola Falana! Not enough time but I really want to do a post on this one.

Ten Seconds to Hell (1959) – Wolfman Rating 9 – IMDB Rating 6.5
Another hit for me from Jack Palance again in this excellent German bomb disposal group drama. Wolfie write up here.

Who Killed Teddy Bear (1965) – Wolfman Rating 10 – IMDB Rating 7
I really enjoyed this controversy 60’s thriller. It definitely pushes the boundaries. Wolfie write up here

The Thing (1982) – Wolfman Rating 10 – IMDB Rating 8.2
Fathers Day, the perfect day to introduce another classic to my unexpecting offspring.  Wolfie write up here

Across 110th Street (1972) – Wolfman Rating 8.5 – IMDB Rating 7
Anthony Quinn and Yaphet Kotto lock horns in this superior cop versus crooks drama. Wolfie write up here.

The Stepford Wives (1975) – Wolfman Rating 7.5 – IMDB Rating 6.9
With echos of Westworld this mellow little sci-fi drama is a great watch. I had always thought I’d seen it as a youth but watching it I couldn’t remember it. Probably just one of those films you hear as folklore at school.

The Sons of Katie Elder (1965) – Wolfman Rating 7 – IMDB Rating 7.2
A perfect chilled recommendation to me with John Wayne and Dean Martin as two of four brother who return to bury their mother and learn what a great lady she was. Perfect weekend matinee film.

Go Tell the Spartans (1978) – Wolfman Rating 8 – IMDB Rating 6.8
Burt Lancaster rides again on the wolfman blog. So enjoying watching his performances and filling in the films of his I have missed.  Wolfie write up here

That Sinking Feeling (1979) – Wolfman Rating 7.5 – IMDB Rating 6.9
If time lets, I’d love to do a post on this quirky, almost surreal little comedy from writer director Bill Forsyth (Gregory’s Girl) It’s a gem.

Captain America: Civil War (2016) – Wolfman Rating 8 – IMDB Rating 7.9
Had seen this 3rd Captain America blockbuster at the cinema but this time it was on the small screen, my phone! Even in it’s Antman size it still looked good and kept me entertained on the train with a record shopping trip to the big smoke, London.

Groundhog Day (1993) – Wolfman Rating 10 – IMDB Rating 8
Finally got to unleash this comedy gem of weatherman Bill Murray onto my two wolf cubs.  As you can well imagine it went down well and now the classic can live on with the next generation. Jobs a gooden.

July is looking like a Film Noir month but lots of other goodies in there too.

Take it easy…. The Wolfster

18 thoughts on “What’s Been Watched This Month – June 2017

    • The Dirty Dozen is on constant loop in my temporal lobe 🙂
      Such an awesome film. Just looking at that cast line up and it gives shivers of joy.
      Probably been 15 odd years since I last watched it. Need to squeeze it in somehow in between all those new gems. Cheers dude.


  1. Wow. That’s a hell of a lot of movies. I have re-watched the Groundhog day few weeks ago and loved it more than ever.

    What do you think about the connection between Get Out and The Stepford Wives?

    Liked by 1 person

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