Private Property (1960) Certificate Rejected For Saucy Manx

Private Property (1960) Kate Manx warren oats corey allen movie film poster shocker thriller

With a scandalous certificate of “rejected” and that sultry seductive black and white cover image of a sexy lady in those tight trousers with a bold red writing stamped across her saying Private Property!. You know this is going to be a controversial sixties saucy shocker.

Private Property (1960) Kate Manx warren oats corey allen opening credits scene

Tagline – The boldest story of a planned seduction ever to scald the screen!

The saucy minx is a saucy manx, Kate Manx. She plays Annie Carlyle a suburban housewife living a nice life with a sports car, lovely apartment with a swimming pool and a rich husband, Roger (Robert Wark) who she dotes on. One thing is missing though! She aches for him to ravishes her, to make love to her, satisfy her lusty needs. Unfortunately the lunatic is too involved with his work and continually brushes her advances away. Silly boy!

Private Property (1960) Kate Manx sexy saucy naughty cute kind

Unbeknownst to the couple is the fact that there are two unwanted neighbours sneaking around. Duke (Corey Allen) the stronger alpha male and Boots (Warren Oates) who’s slightly simple but just as savage. Two ruthless, thuggish drifters with a brutal streak, robbing and taking whatever comes across their path, including squatting in an empty house next door to the Carlyle’s and excitingly for the two delinquents, the upstairs window looks over to a swimming pool.

Private Property (1960)warren oats corey allen peeping toms watching swimming poolPrivate Property (1960)warren oats corey allen window watching

Annie loves to swim and as the house is “empty”, she likes to go Au Natural at times.

Roger – “If they move back in then Annie would have to cover up her fandango when she swam!”

Sitting in the window, with a pulled up sofa, the two bad beatniks stare out like it’s a television. Waiting for that “money shot” to come.

Boots – “She’s in the pool butt naked!!!!”

Private Property (1960) Kate Manx sexy saucy naughty cute sun bathing swim suit

Pacing about Duke wants more than just visuals but he owes Boots a promise of some “twitch” and comes up with the plan of seducing their “neighbour” and warming her up for his friend. Off he goes on his task whilst Boots watches from above.

Private Property (1960)warren oats window watchingPrivate Property (1960) Kate Manx corey allen

What will become of Annie? Will she see through these dastardly brutes and keep safe? Will Roger be able to man up and cool her heat? Will Boots get his twitch? Is Duke willing to give up his prey? You have to give this thriller ago to find out.

Private Property (1960)warren oats corey allen pop thirsty

As you can well imagine the story line is very controversial but to be honest it’s not as shocking as you might think especially by today’s standards. If you like a good sleazy shocker you might want to add it to a double bill alongside Who Killed Teddy Bear.

Private Property (1960) Kate Manx corey allen dancing

A few Wolfie observations

The filming style is excellent, with many well staged shots and artful camera angles. It races a long at some speed with the short run time of only 1h 19mins. It’s a very exciting, filled to the brim with tension and is quite a thrilling ride.

Directed by Leslie Stevens who was married to Kate Manx at the time, they did one other film together called Hero’s Island (1962) which starred James Mason. It doesn’t get great reviews but does sound interesting.

Dare I say I felt Corey Allen had a Marlon Brando presence to him in this film?

Warren Oats saying “Scooby doobee bab bab” always brought a smile.

Kate Manx is so darn sexy in this film and I wandered off to see what she’s been up to and was sad to find she passed away from suicide 4 years after making this film at the young age of 34.

I read that it took some heat on release and unfortunately got lost and buried until a few years ago it was dug up, cleaned up and re-released by UCLA Film and Television Archive

If you see it feel free to pop on over to say what you thought or if you’ve already seen it, was it your cup of tea? Thanks for reading, keep those eyes on those screens.

All the best…. Mikey Wolfman

Private Property (1960) Kate Manx warren oats corey allen movie film poster shocker thriller 2


5 thoughts on “Private Property (1960) Certificate Rejected For Saucy Manx

  1. I had the honor to see this play in front of an audience for the first time since it’s original release at the TCM fest last year in Hollywood after it’s being “found” and restored. Anyone who saw it quickly listed it in their highlights of the fest. It played like a Roger Corman title from the late sixties that might have featured Fonda and Dern or Nicholson and Hopper. Oates was carried over to Hero’s island as well.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Another I have to say thanks for the nod Mike. Oh how much I loved this film. It hit all the right places “scoooby bee baba”
      No way I hadn’t noticed Oats was with Manx on Hero’s Island too. Have you seen it? Any good.
      So true on the Corman style and totally agree his actor choice that would of easily been any pick of those.
      Wow oh wow on the first time viewing at the film festival. Now that is awesome. I salute you sir. I can see why it was a highlight of the fest. Plus Manx was seeeeeexy 😉


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