Clint Eastwood Funk Attack Plus The Wolfman Naked!!

Clint East Funk Attack Mix - Soundtracks movie film wolfman

This 35 minute mix is dedicated to that man with the Smith & Wesson Model 29, 44 Magnum, that legend Clint Eastwood. My good old Dad brought me up with a massive love for all things Clint, starting with The Good The Bad and The Ugly. Then I got to meet that man  “Dirty Harry” Callahan and the rest is history.

Every film is classic in one way or another, Play Misty For MeThunderbolt and Lightfoot, all the westerns, High Plains Drifter, Two Mules For Sister Sara and The Outlaw Josey Wales plus of course that certain classic spaghetti trilogy. The war films like Kelly’s Heroes and Where Eagles Dare to the personal fun fav Heartbreak Ridge. The Clint magic just keeps giving, you get him climbing mountains in The Eiger Sanction and flying a high tech jet plane called Firefox to driving blonds in a bus turned into a tea strainer in The Gauntlet. And who couldn’t just love an orangutan called Clyde waving hand signals in a form of a punch. The guy has presented nothing but pure entertainment, a god amongst men.

The mix hits most of his cop films and themes from the 70’s but there’s a few little surprises in there I’m sure.

Composer, arranger, conductor Lalo Schifrin pretty much followed Clint around but Jerry Fielding got in on the act too. Both firing off Magnum sized funk bombs full of chase themes and fight scene grooves. You will be hard pressed not to be nodding your head through this 35 minutes funk attack.


Here’s a naked Wolfman in his lair listening to music awaiting the moon to metamorphosis.

When I’m not wolfing around, my un-hairy self tinkers with music. Going by the name Mad Mongos Mike I used to do a little radio show which featured an across the board eclectic array of sounds. Occasional I went all Inception and featured a mix within a mix. Feeling that it’s a very apt for this here film blog I now present the legend who is Clint Eastwood.

A funky ride through some of his films with music, trailers and film samples scattered through-out. This is an extract from a radio show podcast I did here in August 2011.

Press play and get ready to RUN! Enjoy

Clint East Funk Attack Mix - Soundtracks movie film The EnforcerClint East Funk Attack Mix - Soundtracks movie film Play Misty For Me Dave GarverClint East Funk Attack Mix - Soundtracks movie film dirty harryClint East Funk Attack Mix - Soundtracks movie film Coogans bluff

If you enjoyed this fun journey with our man Clint Eastwood then you might be interested in an early mix featuring Michael CaineMichael Caine Funk Attack Here

16 thoughts on “Clint Eastwood Funk Attack Plus The Wolfman Naked!!

  1. I too was hesitant to click on this at first. 😉 Glad I did though, very nice to finally see the face behind the fuzz. I really dig this Clint music mix.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Hehe I did wonder what people might think! Open the page through squinted eyes or just straight click unfollow! lol. Yep nothing naughty to see. It’s Friday night now so I’m back howling at the moon and fighting the good fight against corruption in the land. Oooo time for another beer. Hope you have a nice weekend 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Brilliant Mikey. You’re a nice looking bloke. Ha! I’ve heard that a hundred times in British films. I liked the funk attack. Now that’s a cool 70s vibe. And how about your music room! You have more albums than my husband and I do. He and I have been collecting since the mid 80s. We probably have about 1,200 albums and about 200 singles. Mostly Rock and R&B. Well done my friend.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Haha said in the voice of Barbara Windsor.
      Yeah I probably started sometime around 1983. Somewhere in the region of 8000 now! That small room is meant to be a dining room, well it never has been much to my Louise’s annoyance. Hence I’m in the dog house 24/7. What can you do hey!
      Something so special about vinyl but it does take up space!
      Thanks Pam, hope you have a great weekend.

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  3. Brilliant Clint mix.
    I can’t help but associate some of the freaky organ music and ‘haunted’ style humming/singing in the soundtrack to the original three Dirty Harry films along with the toe-tapping drum beats with a Manson-era psychedelica

    Love this with a passion!

    Liked by 1 person

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