No Blade of Grass (1970) British Eco Disaster Savagery

No Blade Of Grass (1970) poster awesome cornel wilder nigel davenport film movie

I’m not sure what is worse? The absolute devastation and total armageddon carnage or folk singer Roger Whittaker singing the theme tune? Hehe I only jest as I’m actually quite liking the cheesy ditty with it’s strings, flute and Rogers deep vocal tones singing of pure doom.

No Blade Of Grass (1970) opening credit title cornel wilder nigel davenport film movie

I found myself unintentionally laughing an awful lot through this movie even though it’s taken very seriously.  It’s a very British eco disaster end of civilization film but very interestingly directed by an American star of the silver screen Cornel Wilde. The third film from this original and talented director I have featured on this movie blog site. Another film he has added his artistic flare and vision to produce something quite brave and filled with originality. Be sure to check The Naked Prey & Beach Red.

Tagline – The creeping terror drifted towards them stamping out all civilization in its eerie path!

No Blade Of Grass (1970) group of people gangcornel wilder nigel davenport film movieNo Blade Of Grass (1970) wendy richards and perrie car

Dad John Custance (Nigel Davenport) will do anything to look after his family as the world starts to quickly collapse into mayhem, panic and total carnage as a virus overwhelms the world killing all vegetation and causing global famine. John’s brother David (Patrick Holt) has a farm up in Scotland and is happy to take his brothers family in during the crisis. All John has to do is get them from London to the farm, a death defying 500 miles across fields and roads filled with psycho bike gangs from a pre Mad Max world, thugs and rapists, to stone cold killers.

No Blade Of Grass (1970) gas mask police riot crazyNo Blade Of Grass (1970) biker gang mad max style

John’s family consists of his loving wife Ann (Jean Wallace) and their daughter Mary (Lynne Frederick) along with her boyfriend Roger (John Hamill). This small party soon starts to grow as they move along on their dangerous travels. Bonkers Perrie (Anthony May) and his saucy wife Clara (Wendy Richards) tag along.

No Blade Of Grass (1970) wendy richards boobies knockers nips cold sexy

John – “Arn’t you cold?”
Clara – “You’ve all seen knockers before ain’t yah!”

One of the original ideas used in this film is cut scenes appearing in red tinted film showing a quick glimpse of future peril to come. There is also some great edited pauses and still cut colourised photography placed in at times.

No Blade Of Grass (1970) colourised tinted film end sceneNo Blade Of Grass (1970) colourised tinted film end bikers attack warning

Tagline – Yesterday, they were decent people letting their environment die. Now they are savages, killing to keep themselves alive.

Be warned this film is bat shit crazy and is filled with a violent dark savage tone through-out but hey this is the end of the world as we know it. Can our hero John get his family to his brother’s farm safely, can they survive the bloodshed and barbaric brutality that a world gone mad brings?

No Blade Of Grass (1970) battle time biker gang shotgunNo Blade Of Grass (1970) perri and john nigel davenport film movieNo Blade Of Grass (1970) end scene

Wolfman’s Random Observations 

  • A birthing scene first I can only imagine?  Two ladies in labour at the same time, one now and one from memory going into as much depth as you could possible see even if it was your own child being born!
  • Nigel Davenport and Lynne Frederick would work together a few years later on the equally nuts film Phase IV where they are terrorized by super brainy ants! Very much recommended.
  • John Custance could be the father of Isle Of Man Detective Bruce Mindhorn?

No Blade Of Grass (1970) cornel wilder nigel davenport Jean Wallace Lynne Frederick

  • Cornel Wilde was married to Jean Wallace who he would have appear in many of his films which were part of his production company.
  • Captain Cornel narrates the story of how mother Earth has taken vengeance on humanity as you see a collage of footage of factories pumping out smoke and pollution draining in to the waterways. His films tend to have a social message in them.

Narrator – This motion picture is not a documentary, but it could be……….

  • This picture would make a great double bill with Psychomania

No Blade Of Grass (1970) biker gang mad max style

Well if you get a chance to watch this environmental catastrophe flick or you have seen it before. Let me know what you thought. At the time of writing the film is available on Amazon to rent..  As always, have fun and enjoy the picture screens. Mike Wolfie.

And to sing us out I now present to you Mister Roger Whittaker

No Blade Of Grass (1970) poster different family cornel wilder nigel davenport film movie

10 thoughts on “No Blade of Grass (1970) British Eco Disaster Savagery

  1. I have this around the vault here somewhere and that’s mainly because Cornel Wilde directed it. He did an interesting number of films later on in his career as a director. Always pushing the envelope a bit. Nigel Davenport a nice presence as well. Might have to dust off my copy soon. As you know, the more titles acquired, the further some get pushed to the back of the room.

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  2. Oh gosh…No Blade of Grass. My parents had it on Super 8 and I vaguely remember watching it but can’t really remember anything but one scene somewhere out in the country or something like that. Wow…didn’t think anyone knew this one.

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