633 Squadron (1964) Flight Lieutenant Singh Attacks The Death Star

633 Squadron (1964) poster movie film cliff roberton star wars

The right honourable Flight Lieutenant Singh (Julian Sherrier) is not content with being a crack shot fighter bomber pilot with an awesome dashing mustache and a proper gentlemen to all the ladies. This valiant Sikh is part of 633 Squadron, a courageous band of brothers, tasked with a mission to take out a German V-2 rocket fuel plant built in Norway. A truly suicidal mission but this is the stuff these boys from Royal Air Force’s No. 633 Squadron are made for.

633 Squadron (1964) Flight Lieutenant Singh (Julian Sherrier) bomber pilot

Tagline – The greatest adventure since men fought on earth…or flew over it !

Out comes all singing all dancing George Bernardo Chakiris, tapping his feet and snapping his fingers to the beat. A Norwegian resistance leader and part of the Royal Norwegian Navy called Lieutenant Erik Bergman. He and his Rogue One resistance fighters have plans to take down this Nazi Empire fuel manufacturing factory.

633 Squadron (1964) George Chakiris Cliff Robertson633 Squadron (1964) Norwegian resistance fighters

The mission is to fly a squadron of de Havilland Mosquito fighter bombers at low level down through narrow channels of the fjord, lined with a ton of anti-aircraft guns to reach the factory whilst releasing their payload of bombs, not on the factory itself but the over hanging mountain rock above it.

633 Squadron (1964) Cliff Robertson co pilot Angus Lennie

A plan so reckless, so dangerous that only the best could do. In walks Wing Commander Roy Grant (Cliff Robertson) a heroic American maverick and all round good guy to lead these gallant men on their perilous mission. A mission that will save London and Britain from more V-2 Rocket carnage.

Can these brave boys accomplish their critical  mission? Who will survive?

633 Squadron (1964) the whole crew pub ready for battle

It’s such a joy to see the inclusion of Indian pilot Singh as unfortunately World War 2 stories have a tendency to show the battles won by the Americans and British. Forgetting that without the brave men of the likes of India, Canada, Australia, New Zealand along with Polish pilots and countless other nations, the war could of easily gone a different direction. The film also includes Australian pilot and fun guy Flight Lt. Gillibrand played by the wonderful John Meillon (Wake In Fright)

633 Squadron (1964) de Havilland Mosquito fighter bomber fire crashing633 Squadron (1964) trench run death star wars

Ok Julian Sherrier’s Flight Lt. Singh might of only had a small part but he is part of the mission through-out the film but how amazing to have included him in a film from 1964 when Hollywood etc have a strange way of changing history or leaving out important facts, even to this day!

633 Squadron (1964) Flight Lieutenant Singh (Julian Sherrier)

I can imagine that Flight Lieutenant Singh must of been based on the all action superstar pilot Squadron Leader Mahinder Singh Pujji with his Distinguished Flying Cross, he was part of the formidable ‘Fighting Cocks’ fighter unit of No. 43 Squadron RAF.

633 Squadron (1964) Squadron Leader Mahinder Singh Pujji

Squadron Leader Mahinder Singh Pujji DFC

633 Squadron (1964) explosions world war 2 fighter bomber

Another brilliant fact about this film is that a certain George Lucas got a heap of inspiration and ideas from the movie for Star Wars. There’s the big evil base Death Star, the resistance getting the plans to reveal a vulnerable weak point and then that end battle trench run flight sequence. It’s really quite incredible when you see it. Check this ingenious edited video overlaying Star Wars dialogue with scenes from 633 Squadron. Very clever.

A Few Wolfman Random Observations

  • Big laugh on the saucy Madame dominatrix Nazi torturer played by Anne Ridler. It might of been a small scene but felt so out of place. Unintentional very funny.

SS Torturer – “I’m afraid we will have to persuade you. Take off his clothes.”

  • The theme tune by Ron Goodwin is epic and instantly recognisable even through I haven’t seen this film before. You will be humming along too.
  • Julian Sherrier was born in India in 1929 and popped up in numerous TV shows throughout his career even getting to play a character called Zephon in Doctor Who in 1963.
  • Maria Perschy appears as a love interest and she is just gorgeous, as is the lovely barmaid Barbara Archer.
  • More info about the film itself can be found over at Mikes Take On The Movies who’s post put me on to the film.

Whats your thoughts on this movie? Have you seen it. If not make sure you track it down, it’s a superb weekend matinee style film which would suit a perfect British roast dinner on your lap with a pint of Indian Pale Ale at your side. Enjoy.

Have fun enjoying movies, all the best from Mikey The Wolfman

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  1. Well down and bravo for pointing out Sherrier’s role in the film. I spotted him but didn’t think to give this a slant in my “take”: on the film. Love the line about his clothes. Then when we cut to the torture scene, he’s still got them on! What gives. Time for more of those Cliff Robertson action films!

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