The Last Wave (1977) Mystical Magical Aboriginal Dreams & Ju-Ju Frogs

The Last Wave (1977) poster peter weir richard chamberlain movie film

You know what, I really should read the descriptions of the films I watch! I had imagined from the title and the cover image this movie was going to be a surfing drama, oh how wrong could I be. I guess it makes it so much more fun when the crazy starts to go down and that’s pretty much the first scene.

Another glorious day, the sun is beating down and not a cloud in sight. The children of the small Sydney school in Australia are happy playing about in the dusty playground, laughing and smiling to their hearts content. When out of the blue the wind picks up and out of nothing, rain starts to pelt down with a vengeance. Pandemonium arises as the children go wild with excitement, while their teacher tries her best to usher them all into the classroom, goats and all.

The Last Wave (1977) peter weir richard chamberlain storm rain schoolThe Last Wave (1977) peter weir richard chamberlain sydney storm rain school

The laughing and fun soon turns to screams and panic as the heavy down pour suddenly turns to giant blocks of ice, smashing through the school windows and beating holes into the roof, terrifying everyone. The freaky storms cross the whole of Sydney in unprecedented ways, weather of this magnitude has never been recorded. What the hell is going on?

The Last Wave (1977) Richard Chamberlain) David Gulpilil peter weir

Mystical magical Aboriginal ju-ju could very well be the cause of this chaos as the sonic vibrations of the didjeridu resonate throughout the carnage of the storms. Cue up five Aboriginal guys getting arrested on the charge of murdering one of their tribal clan members. Something just doesn’t stick on the case, something feels off. These five guys need some legal aid help.

The Last Wave (1977) Richard Chamberlain) David Gulpilil aboriginal Charlie Nandjiwarra Amagula

In walks David Burton (Richard Chamberlain) who isn’t that qualified for the job but wishes to help these men out as much as he can. It’s not long before he starts to get a strong bond with one of the guys, Chris Lee (David Gulpilil) and his strange older friend Charlie (Nandjiwarra Amagula) a kind of shaman.

The Last Wave (1977) Aborigine David Gulpilil

Now this is where the really crazy shit starts to go down as it’s slowly revealed that David has a powerful mystic connection to some ancient Aboriginal magical tribal forces which manifest themselves in his dreams. Vivid prophetic visions of visitors and clues about what could be going on. The three vastly different men seem to have some kind of connecting destiny, a destiny that could be bringing the plague like freakish weather. David’s dreams become more intense, more upsetting, giving him a deep obsession to find out their meaning.

Tagline – From dream to nightmare – a premonition of doom!

The Last Wave (1977) peter weir richard chamberlain Aboriginal shadow figureThe Last Wave (1977) aboriginal stones and symbols

What does all this freaky weather horror mean? can he uncover the truth and find out what all these bizarre dreams are about? Are they some sinister omen of things to come? It’s might take mating singing frogs, owls, snake icons, triangle stones and gallons of water to help him find a spiritual transcendence to whatever is going on?

David Burton – “We’ve lost our dreams. Then they come back and we don’t know what they mean.”

The Last Wave (1977) hipno toads frogs rain

Directed by local boy Peter Weir, who also co-wrote the screenplay. He had had big success with his superb drama Picnic At Hanging Rock in 1975 and later went on to make classic films like Dead Poets Society, The Truman Show, to the Amish romantic drama Witness.

This movie would make a good double bill with Ground Zero (1987)

Have you seen this bonkers film? What did you think?  Keep a look out for it if you fancy it. All the best…. Mikey The Wolfman

2 thoughts on “The Last Wave (1977) Mystical Magical Aboriginal Dreams & Ju-Ju Frogs

  1. Without cheating and going to IMDB, I think that one guy in the pick with Chamberlain above was Paul Hogan’s aboriginal buddy in Crocodile Dundee. Never seen this one but was aware of it. Have a burned copy around here somewhere .

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    • Your eye spy has served you well there Mike. It is indeed David Gulpilil, he was hysterical in Crocodile Dundee wasn’t he. It was Walkabout with Jenny Agutter that I first saw him, he is incredible in that film as the young boy. He was also in Rabbit-Proof Fence, the film that broke me, that film is way too emotional. lol.
      I’m sure you will enjoy The Last Wave, it is a tad silly but very original and thoroughly entertaining.

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