Games (1967) Where the Normal is Not and the Bizarre Is….

Games (1967) James Caan Katherine Ross movie poster film Simone Signoret

Imagine if Hammer House Of Horror Studio’s somehow managed to have a baby with Andy Warhol. Then throw in some surrealism, abstract art, spooky imagines and some horror. What might emerge on the other side is something resembling the wackiness of this film called Games.

Taglines – Passion wears a mask of terror in this strangest of all games!

Games (1967) James Caan Katherine Ross eccentricGames (1967) freaky party guests

Wealthy socialite’s and art collecting husband and wife team Paul Montgomery (James Caan) and Jennifer Montgomery (Katherine Ross) have inherited an outrageously flamboyant lavish apartment block in New York. A place ridiculously extravagant and outlandish, filled with all manner of wacky and bizarre furniture, obscure ornaments and weird trinkets. Plastered over the walls are giant pop art imagines, to outlandish decorative masks to human sized sculptures. Art works, pinball machines and fixtures from many different decades are scattered across the whole house.

Games (1967) Jennifer Montgomery (Katherine Ross) pop artGames (1967) james caan Simone Signoret parlor games

Both Paul and Jennifer are a strange pair to go with their crazy living style, both get a kick out of playing tricks on each other or anyone attending their crazy eccentric parties. The pair like to play mind games of a kinky nature with a little dash of a sadistic streak thrown in.

Games (1967) jennifer Simone Signoret mirror reflection

To add to all the weirdness, in walks Lisa (Simone Signoret) an older lady with a German accent selling cosmetics. Grabbing Jennifer’s attention, it’s not long until she has won her over with her spirited stories of an interesting past life and the announcement she has psychic abilities and a love of tarot cards. Now there’s a new dynamic to the house, someone else to entertain in the house of bizarro.

Games (1967) Simone Signoret lisa gun to head art workGames (1967) freaky party guests outlandish decorative masks

What could possibly happen in this kooky unhinged house of delirium? It’s a tale of twists and turns and strange imagery but quite fun at the same time. This psychological thriller is definitely an oddity.

Games (1967) Jennifer Montgomery (Katherine Ross) statues reflection

It’s a oddball film that’s for sure. Directed by Curtis Harrington who I see has done a whole heap of crazy arse sounding films from the likes of the Voyage to the Prehistoric Planet and a few question titles that actually sound very interesting, Whoever Slew Auntie Roo? and What’s the Matter with Helen? All of which sound quite bonkers like Games!

Games might not be amazing but it’s definitely worth a look if you fancy something different. Keep digging the old gems, there’s so much to choose from. Mikey Wolf

Games (1967) Curtis Harrington Simone Signoret title credit opening scene

5 thoughts on “Games (1967) Where the Normal is Not and the Bizarre Is….

    • I did start seeing some nudges to “Diabolique” when I was reading a few things after the film. Sounds like a lovely little homage to it. I’m still to see “Diabolique” It’s firmly on the to watch list now. Be great to see more Madame Signoret as she was fantastic. Cheers Gary

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