Trancers (1984) Happy Christmas Sci-Fi Zombie Cult B-Movie Festive Fun

Trancers (1984) sceince fiction sci fi b-movie cult classic horror fun

First up! How the festive giblets could I have ever missed this prized turkey cult classic science fiction film before! Seriously this must of been at eye level in every VHS rental store in the 80’s. I bet my grubby teenage hands would of even picked it up and pondered renting it before something else took my attention. In a way I’m so glad I did miss it, as what an absolute treat to find it now. Oh my days, what 5 star fun that was and unintentionally stumbling upon an alternative christmas flick in the mix. It’s the season to be jolly for sure.

Trancers (1984) science fiction sci fi b-movie cult classic opening titlesTrancers (1984) science fiction sci fi b-movie cult classic blade runner rip-off scenes

It might be a B-Movie budget Blade Runner, Terminator style rip-off but the beauty is, it knows it and as a result it doesn’t take itself too seriously. Having so much fast paced fun in it’s short 76 minute runtime, it doesn’t waste a second! Well that’s not entirely true, somehow they managed to drag out a 10 second scene into a 90 second scene. You’ll know exactly what I’m talking about if you’ve seen it.

Trancers (1984)cult classic cheap but cool sets

The beginning dark and neon visuals are actually pretty damn cool in a cheap man’s bargain basement Blade Runner kind of way. They made me very happy, especially the opening diner scene with all the bubbling futurist pots and the old lady waitress. Because this is where our scar faced hero enters the picture, a future cop in noir style suit with big ass shoulder pads.

Trancers (1984) too cool laser gun Jack Deth (Tim Thomerson)

Tagline – Meet Jack Deth. He’s a Cop From The Future Trapped in the Present, and he’s chasing a 23rd century menace in 1985

Mean looking, doesn’t take any shit and goes by the name of Jack Deth (Tim Thomerson) with his slick greased back hair. The only thing he really wants, is to revenge his wife by killing the evil mastermind Whistler (Michael Stefani). Whistler has the ability to turn weak minded people into a kind of zombie, controlling them to do his dastardly work of trying to take over the future world. These zombie type creations are called Trancers.

Jack Deth – “Dry hair’s for squids!

Trancers (1984) Whistler (Michael Stefani)Trancers (1984) sci-fi zombie death

Jack Deth and Whistler are from Los Angeles in the year 2247 but Whistler has found a way to go back in the past, to the LA of 1985 and Jack is going in after him. This process means taking over the body of one of your relatives from the past and living through them. Whistler becomes a cop and Jack seems to arrive in a playboy version of himself. Turning up in his apartment with a cute girl in a leotard and green hair called Leena (Helen Hunt)

Leena – “I don’t know, maybe you’re schizo or something!”

Trancers (1984) Jack Deth (Tim Thomerson) Leena Helen Hunt 2

Leena is a cool girl and hooking up with Jack is the perfect match for these two as they go chase down a few people who could influence things in the future before Whistler can cause mayhem beforehand. One of them a drunk drop out ex baseball player called Hap Ashby (Bif Manard)

Trancers (1984) Jack Deth (Tim Thomerson) Leena Helen Hunt Hap Ashby (Bif Manard)

Hap Ashby – “Merry Christmas!… Peace on fuckin’ earth!”

All this goes on with the background of christmas time, with Santa Clause making an appearance, to a punk band mosh pit dance off to Jingle Bells, lots of xmas trees and even meeting the Three Wise Men!

Trancers (1984) three wise men

Directed by Charles Band who I see is still making films today. All sound ridiculous, I must check some more out. With titles like Pulse Pounders and Evil Bong and can you believe three or four sequels to Trancers! Even Helen Hunt returns for two more.

Trancers (1984) Jack Deth (Tim Thomerson) Leena Helen Hunt

It’s a thrilling, entertaining, cheesy good time movie. Come join Jack Deth as he lights Lucky Strike cigarettes with his teeth, is fascinated by old cop Peter Gunn, gets to miss out on fun with Leena (Oh come on!) and even gets to threaten to kick the ass of a little young girl. Be sure to join in the bonkers christmas fun or have you seen it? Let me know what you thought of this one?

Hope you enjoy the festive seasonal holidays, eat, drink, be merry and best of all, watch as many films as humanly possible.

Big love from Mikey Wolfman

Trancers (1984) Super artwork for the bluray disc release 88 Films

Very cool artwork for the Bluray cover from 88 Films

16 thoughts on “Trancers (1984) Happy Christmas Sci-Fi Zombie Cult B-Movie Festive Fun

  1. Yes thank you my friend I don’t remember too much of the film but I know I saw it on Cinemax back in the day. and I loved it. I am going to look for it. Nice review.

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  2. Ha, I didn’t know Boris Karloff was in this! Good lord, that photo above…can a slick-haired Thomerson look any more like a young Karloff? I wonder if they did that on purpose…and it looks like this film took a cue from The Invaders, and had people burn red and incinerate when they die. Another of many from the Thomerson collection I haven’t seen!


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