Wolfman’s Science Fiction Soundtrack Music Compilation

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Here is a 30 minute delve into the science fiction world of electronic soundscapes created through film scores. Filtered trailers from classic sci-fi movies intertwined with soundtracks from different composers, featuring the works of luminaries from the likes of John Carpenter, Jerry Goldsmith to Vangelis. Traveling through the worlds of Dune to Escape From New York and Blade Runner to name a few.

In places, different soundtracks are overlaid over each other creating a musical mash up from the variety of stunning iconic electronic melodies you will instantly recognise to a few lesser known. Hopefully it is a joyful half an hour excursion into the unknown vast vacuum of space and back again, told through the science fiction medium of sound.

Music and trailers featured is as follows or maybe go in listening blind to hear what pops up. Whatever way you choose, I really hope you enjoy.


Dune – Trailer – [David Lynch]
Brad Fiedel – Arrival – [Terminator]
The Thing – Trailer – [John Carpenter]
Tangerine Dream – Running Through The Hills – [Wavelength]
They Live – Nada (Roddy Piper) Sample
John Carpenter and Alan Howarth – Track 12 [They Live]
Tangerine Dream – Breakout – [Wavelength]
The Black Hole – Trailer – [Gary Nelson]
John Carpenter – The President Is Gone – [Escape From New York]
Toto – Paul Takes The Water Of Life – [Dune]
The Day the Earth Stood Still – Trailer [Robert Wise]
James Horner – Dark Discovery – [Aliens]
John Carpenter and Alan Howarth – Track 20 [They Live]
Tangerine Dream – Healing – [Wavelength]
John Carpenter – Police State Romero and the President – [Escape From New York]
Escape From New York – Trailer – [John Carpenter]
Blade Runner – Trailer – [Ridley Scott]
John Carpenter – Over The Wall – [Escape From New York]
Vangelis – Blush Response [Blade Runner]
Alan Howarth – All Out Of Bubble Gum – [They Live]
Dennis Dragon – Excerpt Aerials To The Earth Suite
Jerry Goldsmith – Hyper Sleep [Alien]
Brad Fiedel – Arrival – [Terminator]

Thanks for popping on by.

Mikey Wolfman


11 thoughts on “Wolfman’s Science Fiction Soundtrack Music Compilation

  1. A great and well spent 30 minutes of feeling nostalgic in the world kf the 80’s. As a lover of many a soundtracks, I can greatly appreciate such fine set of tunes, noting the brilliance of their composers. A wonderful find on a lovely post.

    Sincerely Sonea

    Liked by 1 person

    • Oh Sonea what a lovely comment. Gave my hairy face a big grin. Nice to hear you enjoyed the little excursion through the 80’s. It was much fun to do and really superb to hear you found it and enjoyed it.
      Your blog looks very cool and it looks like we have quite a few films in common.
      I look forward to reading what you post.
      All the best…. Mikey Wolf


      • Well I’m glad it’s a grin and not an itch (with you being a wolf ofcourse). I am currently quite ill but thank you in return, for taking an interest in my writing. Yes I do believe we have certain classics in common. I too am fond of such an era as conveyed and I’m glad you like my blog Mikey.

        Liked by 1 person

        • Haha yes indeed, I don’t need to scratch myself too much with my claws!… Incidentally I nearly watched The Dark Corner last night (at the 11th hour I went for Underworld USA) and see you have reviewed that. I will read your thoughts on that as soon as I see it. Sorry to hear you’re not too well, I do hope you get better soon. Wishing you all the best.

          Liked by 2 people

          • That would amount to a whole lot of howling for sure. Oh yes indeed I did write a piece on it. It’s a great noir.

            I have also done a few movies of the 80’s under the category ‘That 80’s movie ‘ if you were also interested.

            Thank you for the kind wishes.

            Liked by 1 person

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