Fingers (1978) Harvey Keitel Plays A Music Obsessed Pianist Debt Collector

Fingers (1978) Harvey Keitel 70s film poster movie

Conflicted and lets be honest, pretty messed up prodigy Jimmy (Harvey Keitel) juggles a fine line between pure genius and total madness whilst trying to obtain his dream of becoming a concert pianist. Absorbed and completely obsessed with music, he rehearses the classics at home whilst in an almost possessed state, silently singing the notes as he plays. Then when he hits the streets he can’t be without his trusty portable cassette player, music is with Jimmy wherever he goes.

Tagline – He Has The Hands Of An Artist And The Mind Of A Madman.

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The Enforcer (1951) Cops, Contracts, Hit Men, Gangsters & Dickie Bow Ties

The Enforcer (1951) humphrey bogart cops and crime poster

Oh here we go, this is what I’m talking about, first top film buzz of 2018 straight out the gate. Humphrey Bogart plays tough assistant district attorney law enforcer Martin Ferguson taking on the gangsters of New York. A guy so badass he can turn up rocking a dickie bow tie down at the precinct with not one raised eyelid, not even a little giggle. Continue reading

Assassination (1987) Charles Bronson Vs One Mamma In The Line Of Fire

Assassination (1987) Charles Bronson poster jill ireland bazooka

Disclaimer, I was extremely drunk when watching this, my first film of 2018! Started the New Year with a some cheese but very entertaining cheese I must add, think maybe a piece of Monterey Jack? An American semi hard cheese. New Years Eve was all done and dusted, the guests had gone home, the family tucked up in bed. This here Wolfman needs to unwind, time to sit back, chill with a coffee and a bourbon. Fired up the classic section on Netflix and there sitting right at the bottom was Assassination with BRONSON in big letters above it. Sold. Continue reading