Inferno (1953) Robert Ryan Goes Into Survival Mode In Harsh Desert Heat.

Inferno (1953) 3d robert ryan movie poster

Which way will Robert Ryan go this time? Will he be his classic bad guy, or maybe he’ll sneak in one of his good guy roles? Then again he could be a man on a redemption path we are taken down? It part of the fun with his films, wondering which way he will go. I did a little post on which journey will Mr Robert Ryan take us on the film Crossfire, if you fancied having a look.

Inferno features the man Robert showing us his cub scout skills whilst dragging his leg, moaning, groaning and talking to himself. The tagline below might be a tad over selling it but it sure is a great fun movie.

Tagline – The most breath-taking manhunt that ever criss-crossed out of the screen!

Inferno (1953) robert ryan 3d bluray dvd movie film

The “out of the screen” bit on the tagline is in reference to the film originally being shot in glorious 3D for the cinema release, though it has since been released on 3D bluray/DVD formats. If you are watching, like me in classic 2D mode, it’s still very much fun to play spot the jump out at you moments. There’s a snake here, falling boulders there and an extremely well crafted fight scene throwing all manner of things at you, which in itself is quite bonkers to marvel at. Anyway I’m getting ahead of myself here, what’s the film about you may ask?

Tagline – The marvel of 3-D Color by TECHNICOLOR ENHANCED A THOUSANDFOLD!

Inferno (1953) robert ryan watering can water hot desert

Total arse, moody and alcoholic millionaire Donald Whitley Carson III (Robert Ryan) is slowly dying in the Mojave Desert. To make matters worse for this bad-tempered tycoon, he’s fallen off his horse, badly breaking his leg. With little water and hardly any food, he awaits to be rescued. Lucky for him his wife Geraldine Carson (Rhonda Fleming) and business friend Joseph Duncan (William Lundigan) are on hand to ride the horses back to town, raising the alarm for a rescue helicopter.

Inferno (1953) robert ryan Rhonda Fleming William Lundigan horses desertInferno (1953) robert ryan Rhonda Fleming William Lundiganmap search

The heat keeps rising, the scorching desert sand scolds the skin whilst sucking dry every drop of moisture from your body. Donald is sure to be a goner soon! Even without the broken leg, a fit man would be doomed. Hours pass, with no signs of rescue, he can’t wait around, he has to move. Donald fires up that angry temper of his and vows to get back or at least go out trying. Going all Macgyver on us, our Donald creates a rope, sets his leg with a splint, makes a pair of gloves, collects up his resources, before setting off on the impossible task of climbing down the steep rugged mountain terrain.

Inferno (1953) robert ryan desert gun rock climbing

With only his irritated self to keep him company, we get to hear Donalds dark inner monologue, constantly battling himself and the elements of the barren desert. A cursed arid place, which will surely be his graveyard, as he slowly dies of thirst or even hunger.

Inferno (1953) robert ryan desert walkinh through desert

Clever cut scenes flip back and forth between Donald running out of water or food to Geraldine and Joseph tucking into feasts or filling up glasses of cold drink. Will they be able to find someone to help them find Donald before it’s too late? The sheriff has a few experienced trackers combing the dusty tracks and searching for tell tell signs which will hopefully give clues to his whereabouts in the vast desert.  Geraldine and Joseph wish the rain will soon come, it’s due anytime. Maybe they hope the rain will save Donald from certain dehydration?

Inferno (1953) robert ryan desert gun heat strandedInferno (1953)Rhonda Fleming William Lundigan sherrif search party

Will he be found in time? Will he find out what happen to his wife and friend? Can he find water and food? Will he be turned into a dried up prune?

Directed by British born Roy Ward Baker who worked on many classic TV series from the likes of The Persuaders, Jason King, The Saint, Minder and Danger UXB to name a few and a selection of Hammer Films, with Quatermass and the Pit being my favourite.

Inferno is a thoroughly enjoyable picture and well worth your time. Have you seen it? Or if you do see it, please feel free to let me know. I was alerted to this one from fellow blogger over at Mikes Take On The Movies excellent film site, pop on over for a look at his take on the film.

Take it easy and all the best…. Mike Wolfenstein.

8 thoughts on “Inferno (1953) Robert Ryan Goes Into Survival Mode In Harsh Desert Heat.

  1. Ryan gets a good role here during his prime years as a leading man. He had a really good track record by this time of hard to like characters. Even if they are good guys they have many flaws to that make him hard to like. Well done, great film and thanks for the link and kind words.

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