Wolfman’s 70’s Chase Themes Soundtrack Music Compilation

Werewolf by Night comic book marvel transformationHere’s a 50 minute mix of mine featuring a barrage of 70’s chase themes from funky as hell soundtracks. Music and trailers from a selection of blaxploitation and seventies action films that hit with a Truck Turner sized funk fist, full force, straight in the kisser.

Funk grooves heaped with blasts of shotgun soul. Damn, when the percussion starts and wah wah guitars begin riffing, you hit that pedal to metal and smoke up those tyres on your Ford Gran Torino. Turn up that dial on the stereo, the chase has began.

Maybe a few dope fiends have been cruising the block trying to push their angel dust and blow on the neighbourhood! Sheeeeet you gotta chase those jive ass mother truckers out of town. You join up with tough super babe Pam Grier and the take no shit, Richard Roundtree, give each other the nod and become three head busting street cleaning mean machines. The tunes start to blast as the chase through the neighbourhood begins, kung-fu kicking, head cracking and power slamming all the dirt on the street.

Music and trailers featured are as follows or maybe go in listening blind to hear what pops up. Whatever way you choose, I really hope you enjoy.

James William Guercio – The Chase (Electra Glide In Blue)
Lalo Schifrin – Bamboo Bird cage (Enter The Dragon)
Trouble Man – Movie Trailer
Isaac Hayes – Run Faye Run (Three Tough Guys)
Across 110th Street – Doc Johnson’s Laugh
J. J. Johnson – Willie Chase (Willie Dynamite)
Superfly – Get The Money Tonight
Adam Wade & Johnny Pate – Brother On The Run (Brother On The Run)
Foxy Brown – Movie Trailer
Marvin Gaye – Deep In It (Trouble Man)
Curtis Mayfield – Junkie Chase (Superfly)
The Mack – Get Me My Money
Herbie Hancock – The Alley (Death Wish)
Coffy – Where Does He Keep It?
Roy Ayers – Escape (Coffy)
Johnny Pate – En Route To Maude’s (Brother On The Run)
Isaac Hayes – The End Theme (Three Tough Guys)
Superfly – Movie Trailer
Rudy Ray Moore – Mayor’s Get Away (Dolemite)
Hit Man – Movie Trailer
Marvin Gaye – T Stands For Trouble (Trouble Man)
Truck Turner – Movie Trailer
War – Flying Machine The Chase (Youngblood)

I hear you ask “Wot no chase themes from Clint Eastwood films?” Well funny you should ask, as with clicking on this link you will find The Clint Eastwood Funk Attack Mix plus the lesser spotted Wolfman, unclothed in his natural habitat!

4 thoughts on “Wolfman’s 70’s Chase Themes Soundtrack Music Compilation

  1. Another cool gathering if movie music. I love the blaxploitation flicks angle of course Shaft was the best and Hayes song iconic. Love those LPS. Might have to put a Pam flick on tonight. Easily one of the sexiest women of the decade.

    Liked by 1 person

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