The Naked Kiss (1964) Jazz Slaps, Karate Chops & Bonbon Girls

The Naked Kiss (1964) Constance Towers Samuel Fuller cult film poster b movie

The Naked Kiss begins with what could be the most craziest jazz scored shocking opening scene to a movie ever, I certainly went “what the fook!” as I picked my chin from the floor. Don’t worry I won’t spoil it for you, wait for the surprise…… He’s back with another controversial film hot on the heels of the brilliant Shock Corridor, writer and director Samuel Fuller gets to unleash another bout of bonkers.


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Cash on Demand (1961) Grand Moff Tarkin The Bank Manager Years

Cash on Demand (1961) Peter Cushing bank job movie film british film

In a galaxy far far away, Grand Moff Tarkin had policed the skies as commander of a globe shaped spaceship called the Death Star. He was happy with life, he got to travel on the job and people respected him. That was all to change when a moody young princess came aboard. Suddenly he’s accused of stinking up the place with a foul stench and keeping his best buddy on a leash, “what like a gimp! How dare she”. It was all too much for him, completely losing his cool he started blowing up planets. Oh gosh that just made things worse, now the princess was screaming and shouting in his face. Grand Moff Tarkin shuts his eyes and tries to escape to his happy place! Hopefully the annoying shouty lady will shut up when he returns. So off he drifted thinking back on fond memories of time he had spent on Earth as a bank manager.

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Cry Danger (1951) Russian Roulette, A Sexy Pickpocket & A Drunk Wooden Legged Man In A Trailer Park

Cry Danger (1951) Dick Powell Rhonda Fleming film noir drama

Another adventure into the wonderful world of Film Noir brings me to an actor I hadn’t seen before, Dick Powell. Even though I know he’s in the much praised Murder, My Sweet, I’m still to see that. So with that one and another called Pitfall lined up to thrill and excite me soon, my first encounter with Mr Powell is this one, Cry Danger, and it’s a real doozy.

Tagline – Powell’s on the Prowl!

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Mystery Street (1950) Crime Scene Investigation With Special Guest Star KHAN

Mystery Street (1950) film movie poster ricardo montalban john sturges

Few people know that before there were a gazillion series of CSI- Crime Scene Investigation there was a prototype pilot episode filmed in 1950 going under the pseudonym Mystery Street. The idea was to highlight the new procedures and thoughts being introduced around forensic science. To illustrate it’s important role being used to determine evidence for criminal prosecution cases. Using science alongside the police force to investigate the nature of unexplained crimes. Identifying the time and true cause of death, utilising body identification, studying fragments of bone breaks, bruising and blood splatter. What ever means necessary to eliminate mistakes being made convicting innocent people and making sure they bang up the right criminals.

Now who could they get to play the charismatic, charming lead investigator Lieutenant Ricardo Montalban? Well there really was only one man for the job and luckily he was free from his usual Enterprise bothering, step forward Khan Noonien Singh.

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A Dandy in Aspic (1968) Clint Eastwood Impersonator Becomes James Bond

A Dandy in Aspic (1968) poster movie one sheet

Think it was mainly the hair, with maybe a dash of the eyes that did it but his stance and face shaped were somewhat uncannily Clint Eastwood at times too. Never noticed it before, well it never crossed my mind when he starred along Frank Sinatra in The Manchurian Candidate but here in A Dandy in Aspic I just kept seeing Clint in Laurence Harvey’s performance. Probably just me though?

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Raw Deal (1948) Prison Break, Pyromaniac Mobster, A Threesome & A Theremin!

Raw Deal (1948) anthony mann film noir dennis o'keefe movie poster

Here’s a film noir that hits a whole heap of crazy, yet still manages to keep its feet on the ground. Director Anthony Mann delivers this mile a minute crime drama that whips you into a frenzy with it’s rapid fire action, suspense and thrills and spills. Love triangles, gangsters, hitmen, a twisted firestarter, roadblocks, man hunts, torture, fights, gun battles and inner monologues. This film has it all in it’s 79 minute runtime, sit back and strap yourself in for the ride. Continue reading

Thieves’ Highway (1949) Wages Of Fear With Apples For Nitroglycerine!

Thieves' Highway (1949) poster film movie one sheet film noir jules dassin

You know it’s gonna be a tough trip when even your own truck tries to ground and pound you!

Nick Garcos (Richard Conte) is a war veteran returning to the family home to see his jolly loving folks. Nick’s got gifts, his sweet girlfriend Polly is there and Pops and Mama are singing and smiling. The war had been tough but life is good and the smell of Mama’s cooking fills his heart, everything is perfect? STOP! Pull that needle right across the record…….

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