Video Store Action Heroes! Coming Soon To A Theatre Near You


In a world, some time soon, four heroes embark on treacherous mission to help put back the time continuum that was unleashing strange pockets of weird paranormal activity. Tyrant Overlord, The Lord Of Terror had changed the Earth’s magnetic fields, spewing electro charged particles in through VHS cassette tapes across the continents. Video cassettes that had lain dormant for many years, gathering dust and mould in basements and loft spaces, charity shops and movie vaults, started to react to the electronic waves. Spontaneously bringing to life characters that shouldn’t be in the same timeline together.

Multiple versions of Sylvester Stallone run around, all confused, all believing they are the real one.  Rocky Balboa squares up with Raymond Tango from Tango and Cash, Lincoln Hawk from Over The Top shouts at Marion Cobretti from Cobra. Then 8 Gary Busey’s turn up, all as crazy as one another that you don’t know what film they’re from. To make matters worse Ivan Danko from Red Heat, Conan and Predator’s Dutch all start kicking off until black ops commando John Matrix turns up covered in bazookas and machine guns threatening to blow them all away.

Lucky four like minded movie nerds knew what to do. Joining forces from across the seas and calling themselves the Video Store Action Heroes. They knew the only way to conquer this Earth shattering event was to start reviewing the VHS movies we all loved renting back in the 80’s. The days you used to go home with at least three movies under your arm, mostly not having a clue what you were going to be in for apart from gazing at the cover art and a movie scene snap on the back of the box.

If they join forces together on Saturday the August 18th they can become like The Four Horsemen of the video world and crush this anomaly and The Lord Of Terror with the power of combined movie reviews. But wait! they GASP! as multiple Michael Ironside’s, Rutger Hauer’s and Clancy Brown’s join the confused but fearless army of movie characters. Their task was going to be difficult but surely the power of four combined could prevail this evil?

Who are the Video Store Action Heroes?

Starring Todd from Cinema Monolith, Mike from Mike’s Take on the Movies, Greg at Destroy All Fanboys, and myself Mikey here at Wolfmans Cult Film Club.

Pop on over to our sites on August the 18th for some video store memories and reviews of fun films from that special movie renting era. See what movie’s we picked to help us kick ass, chew bubblegum and fight the good fight. If we don’t win the war this time, don’t worry, we will continue to keep you all safe in the upcoming future. Hope to see you soon. Mikey Wolf

OH SHIT! Shit just got real, a whole heap of Cynthia Rothrock’sBrigitte Nielsen’s and Meg Foster’s just turned up to the party!

Cynthia Rothrock kick ass 80's action star

Cynthia Rothrock doing what she does best, kick ass

7 thoughts on “Video Store Action Heroes! Coming Soon To A Theatre Near You

  1. I’m officially re-naming our blogathon to ‘Cynthia Rothrock Action Heroes’, where we review nothing but Cynthia’s action films and television appearances. I just checked her IMDb page, and thankfully, we’ll have plenty of quality fare to choose from. See you guys on Saturday!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Sorry for the late replies on comments Todd, finding it difficult catching up at the moment.
      ‘Cynthia Rothrock Action Heroes’ haha I like that. I had no idea she was still making movies and quite a few a year! Mind you, none seem to get much over a score of 3/10 but I bet there’s gotta be some good times in there. I remember watching China O’Brien and Marshall Law in the early 90’s, no idea if they were any good though hehe


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