Wolfman And His Trusty Sidekick Mighty Moses

Moses Crazy Glasses

After a long good life, my movie watching buddy and sidekick Mighty Moses has risen up to Valhalla. With years of helping me fight the tyranny of this world and the onslaught of evil monsters, his final day did come. Ever ready for battle, this brave boy once took on a whole alien invasion fleet after I lay paralysed from a pesky laser blast. Taking out the boss alien as the rest of the ET SOB’s couldn’t get off Earth fast enough.

Mighty Moses Alien Attack

Mighty Moses attacking the bug eyed alien boss.


Mikey Wolfman and Mighty Moses In The Lair

I used to ride Moses into battle, truth be told we did look a little stupid running down the road with this 17 stone wolf sat howling on the back of this boxer dog. He did seem to like it.  With the alarm going off in the wolf den we were once again off fighting some sort of evil. To our shock and horror it was an almighty Kraken arising from the sea! Both saying “Shiiiieeeet” at the same time! A truly incredible sight as this huge 80ft octopuss smashed down on the quay. Waves and sea mist crashed down around us as we stood under it hulking frame. Its gigantic tentacles flew through the air above our heads destroying everything in their path….. This one was gonna be a tough MO-FO!

Jumping on the beast’s back I go to town punching my way through it’s smiley skin but to my horror, it doesn’t even make a scratch. Before I know it I’m flown skyward into the air, crashing in a heap on the concrete floor. Scrambling to my feet I’m hit again, this time the giant sucker of the tentacles slams me down, then another. I’m pinned down! The Kraken is way too powerful, it’s gonna rip through this whole town and hundreds will perish if we don’t stop it……

Mighty Moses bounds into action, biting and clawing his way to me. Releasing one of the tentacles from around my neck. Time seems to pause……… He looks me in the eye and smiles as to my horror the Kraken has managed to grab both his back legs and starts pulling him towards his chopping beaked mouth. “My time is now done Mikey Wolf, it’s been a good life. Now go carry on the good fight.” I let out an almighty roar to free myself, as I do Mighty Moses winks at me and laughs “Pull my claw!

I let out a bitter sweet giggle as I knew what he was intending to do. Reaching for his outstretched paw, I gave his claw a gentle pull. As I did a terrorising toxic gas cloud emitted from Mighty Moses rear end, 12 and half years of stored gas engulfing the Kraken. “RUN YOU FOOL” he shouts as I smile with a tear in my eye.

Godspeed sweet Moses” I whisper as I run, turning to see the kraken burst into ball of flames “You’ve saved the day once again

Easy Dread Moses

Not quite the same without him under my feet farting and snoring as I watch films but I can now, at last, stretch my legs out! We will all miss him very much though we know he had a great life and was very spoilt. x

11 thoughts on “Wolfman And His Trusty Sidekick Mighty Moses

  1. Awww…Mikey. I’m so sorry. It’s so hard to loose a beloved friend. We had a Boxer, too when I was a teenager. Her name was Foxy. Wonderful, sweet, sweet dog. Did you know they will put out a fire? That’s right. They are natural firefighters as opposed to the Dalmatian (that’s the generic firehouse dog here in the States).
    Moses was a fine, good looking boy. And yes, he’s off to Valhalla, and if your good, you just might see him again. He is running there…and eating anything he wants. When he chases the mighty Kraken up the giant beanstalk he paralysis it with fear from his thunderous barking and the Kraken falls at Moses’ white tipped paws and broad strong chest, cowering in submission. Moses chases lots of things, e.g., Pinhead, Freddy Kruger, The Medusa, Big Foot, the Chupacabra (look it up Mikey, you’ll get a kick out of it) and they all succumb to his agility and boundless energy. They roll on their backs and submit to his alpha dog superiority…And he lets them go, to be chased another day in Valhalla.
    God Bless,

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    • Oh Pam what can I say! hehe you really are too sweet. I love the idea of him chasing around all those naughty guys. Keeping them at bay from the doors of Valhalla. Haha yes the Chupacabra! I had heard something about that recently and I’m darned if I can remember what it was. Little impish bloodsucking nuisances!

      Those kind words brought a big smile to my face. Plus I never knew that about Boxers being firefighters, they are fearless. Well he’d always run from something new, hoover, lawn mower, cordless drill etc but as soon as he’s run inside he’ll be straight back out and jump on it, bark at it fearless. Seemed to conquer his fears in minutes. Sounds like Foxy was a superb dog too. Yep wonderful dogs indeed. Thanks Pam

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  2. Shedding a tear here. Man’s best friend brightens every home and life they come into contact with. Sorry for your loss. Love the photo’s. Don’t wait as long as I did to adopt a new friend. I went 18 months between pals and most every day I looked at the Mrs. and told her I needed a dog. She finally relented. before we got little Brando we had 4 consecutive St. Bernards. We lost the last one the day after I returned from my dream Hollywood trip. Keeps life on an even keel. God bless. https://mikestakeonthemovies.com/2016/05/04/remembering-our-homes-best-friend-in-a-gallery-of-saints/

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    • Thanks for the very sweet words Mike. Your puppy dog eyes broke the missus, how could she hold out so long, hehe. What a difference in dogs though, it couldn’t be any more extreme. From St Bernards to Brando the dachshund? If I’m honest Mike, however sad it sounds, I’m kind of looking forward to the freedom. I wouldn’t put him in kennels for the last few years, so family holidays took a knock plus I’m pining to be a little spontaneous and visit some places. Though I’m sure when the kids leave home I will being looking for another man’s best friend. 🙂

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  3. A little late with this, to say the least, but my condolences, Mikey. My trusty feline sidekick went five long years ago, and I still can’t get up from my desk chair without stopping and starting to look down to make sure she’s not there on the floor sleeping. Moses seemed like a cool dog; that last photo above is a great one!

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