Society (1989) Saucy Debauchery Cult Of The Social Elite

Society (1989)Brain Yuzna billy warlock comedy horror freakshow movie poster

What with Halloween nearly upon us it only feels right to jump into a horror and one with a big pumpkin sized barrel filled with pitch black humour instead of sweet candy. Not sure how I had missed the delights of Society, it had truly passed me by. Luckily I had my younger brother Dan to disturb and warp my mind. And what with the riot that was to come forth, I don’t know whether I should be thankful or not? hehe of course I was, it’s a total blast but I assure you, it’s not for the faint-hearted. It’s saucy, sexy and rather naughty and, without doubt totally utterly bat-shit insane.

Bill Whitney – “I feel like something’s gonna happen. And, if I scratch the surface, they’ll be something terrible underneath.”

Well from the grotesque alienesque creepy freaky orgy looking opening titles page you know straight away that something strange and deranged is going on? Still let me tell you however twisted and bizarre your crazy mind might envision the final finale I am pretty 100% sure there’s literally no freaking way you could ever imagine what happens! So if you read this and think, hey this is a spoiler Wolfie? I can happily promise you it is not!

Society (1989) Bill Whitney (Billy Warlock) Milo (Evan Richards)

First we need to create our character, which we will need to combine the attributes inherent in many young male actors from the 80’s. Stick Rob Lowe, Michael J Fox, a squish of Sean Astin along with the vocal cords of Emilio Estevez into a blender. Then pump the liquid DNA through to a fountain fondue. Once at room temperature add scoops of clone gloop to a body cast of Charlie Sheen, shake, leave to harden for about an hour, then electrify. Whilst carefully peeling away the curd the new formed actor with emerge. Now you have Society star Bill Whitney (Billy Warlock) ready for his adventure.

Society (1989) Whitney (Billy Warlock psychiatrist Dr Cleveland (Ben Slack)

Bill just wants to be a jock, have fun with his best buddy Milo (Evan Richards) whilst dating the superficial Shauna (Heidi Kozak). He’s rich, well liked and drives a brand new jeep. Though poor Bill couldn’t be far enough away from being happy. Billy is plagued with nightmares, visions and omens. Talking, whispers and ghostly noises terrorise this young man. At his wits end he seeks help from psychiatrist Dr Cleveland (Ben Slack). With the Eton Boat Song playing eerily in the background, this film becomes filled with mystery and paranoia.

Society (1989) Flirty sister Jenny (Patrice Jennings). screaming

Tagline – In Beverly Hills, what you fear is only the beginning

Now the freakiest part of Bill’s life is his actual family. He is part of the rich elite, living in a California mansion with wealthy parents and sister Jenny (Patrice Jennings). Really he should have nothing to worry about but unfortunately his family are a bunch of weirdos. They have a incestuous nature to them, revel in strange behaviour, conducting themselves in extremely flirty and inappropriate ways. What with this and his visions, poor Bill is understandably freaked the fuck out!

Society (1989) Strange parents bed scene comedy horror

Dr. Cleveland – “How do you feel about your family now?”
Bill Whitney – “Uhm.. nothing. I mean. We’re just one big happy family.. except for a little incest and psychosis.”

With more and more strange and wacky stuff happening all around him a few more people start to come into his life. His sister’s ex boyfriend David (Tim Bartell) and the insanely bonkers beautiful and mystical Clarissa Carlyn (Devin DeVasquez). Along with Milo can they work out what is going on in this LA suburbia? Are they all in on something strange and otherworldly or is Bill just going stark raving mad? Well you will have to tune in to see what happens but take heed to my words at the beginning of this post. If you cool with that, then rub your hands on your knees and jump on board. Enjoy the ride.

Society (1989) Clarissa Carlyn (Devin DeVasquez) panties legs open

A few Wolfie observations.

  • Society is the debut directed movie by Brian Yuzna. I didn’t know until now that Brian Yuzna produced the comedy horror cult movie Re-Animator (1985) along with another bunch of 80’s early 90’s stuff I’d rented out on VHS. From Beyond (1986), Warlock (1989) and the pretty rubbish The Guyver (1991)
  • The special effects are by Japanese special effect artist Screaming Mad George (Joji Tani). Known for liking surreal and gory effects. He’d worked on some big films before he got to Society. Big Trouble In Little China, Predator and Nightmare On Elm Street 3 Dream Warriors and number 4 The Dream Master. Also co-directing The Guyver with Steve Wang.

Society (1989) Screaming Mad George special effects Society poster picture from

  • Billy Warlock went on to be in Baywatch with David Hasselhoff. Billy’s dad Dick is pretty darn famous on the horror scene for playing the infamous Michael Myers in Halloween II. Dick Warlock is also known for being a stunt man on countless films from Spaceballs, Innerspace, Midnight Run, Alien Nation
  • I fell in love with Devin DeVasquez watching this! I wonder why. A quick google revealed she still looks lovely and had been Playmate Of The Month in June 1985. Yep some more googling. Also read she dated Prince and then Sylvester Stallone.
Society (1989) Devin DeVasquez bikini two piece swims sexy bra

Oh my gosh!

Have you seen this bizarre film before? Let me know if you wish.

Right I’m off to cleanse myself and watch the wombles on youtube. Goodnight

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