What’s Been Watched This Month – November 2018

Whats Been Watched 27

I do like a list, hope you do too! Here’s what has been watched in November 2018.

Daredevil season 3 was a absolutely superb. A consistently brilliant series even more for the better as we watch this as a family. Love it, then Netflix cancel it! seriously WTF! Understand it with the other Marvel series but not with Daredevil. So much potential for another season 4.

Narcos is back but this time under the new title of Narcos Mexico. Following on with more stories of the white nose candy, big bucks and how the big cartels were formed and chased down by the DEA agents. Not as good as it’s predecessor but still an excellent addition to the series. Star of the show by far, Don Neto and features a few neat surprises which will be a big smile to your face.

That’s the TV, here’s the movies.

Wolfman’s Rating System Explained – We All Have A System Don’t We?

18 films this month and a total of 209 this year
474 since the start of the blog in January 2017.

No Way Out (1950) – Wolfman Rating 9 – IMDB Rating 7.4
Sidney Poitier in his first big film is amazing alongside crazed Richard Widmark. Pop on over to my Wolfman Review Here if you want to know what I thought.

The Old Man Who Cried Wolf (1970) – Wolfman Rating 6.5 – IMDB Rating 6.8
TV movie with Edward G Robinson and Martin Balsam as his son. Dad is getting old, is his mind going? It’s on Youtube Here.

The Scapegoat (1959) – Wolfman Rating 7 – IMDB Rating 7.1
Alec Guinness meets his doppelganger whilst holidaying in France. Could this chance meeting make his mundane life better? Bette Davis pops her head in.

Dillinger (1973) – Wolfman Rating 8.5 – IMDB Rating 7
John Milius writes and directs Warren Oates as Public Enemy Number One and includes a cast to die for. Wolfie Write Up Here

Undertow (1949) – Wolfman Rating 8 – IMDB Rating 6.7
A fast paced film noir starring Scott Brady. Was given the heads up on this by Cinema Monolith. Jump over to his site for a great review of Undertow Here and find a YT link.

Hush…Hush, Sweet Charlotte (1964) – Wolfman Rating 8 – IMDB Rating 7.7
Southern fried madness in this crazy tale told over a few decades. Bette Davis and Olivia de Havilland give classic performances in this Robert Aldrich film.

High Sierra (1941) – Wolfman Rating 7 – IMDB Rating 7.6
Oooo didn’t enjoy this one as much as I had high hopes for. Here’s my Wolfie Write Up Here

Clue (1985) – Wolfman Rating 6 – IMDB Rating 7.3
Really thought I would of enjoyed this more. What a cast! Really a showcase for Tim Curry to go full manic. How he remembered all those lines whilst running around like a looney is quite incredible. Then again with Colleen Camp’s cleavage on show in a maids outfit I think I’d be running about trying to impress. I’m not sure it ever made it over to the UK on it’s original release? I’d certainly hadn’t heard of it.

City That Never Sleeps (1953) – Wolfman Rating 7 – IMDB Rating 6.9
Inventive film noir that ups it’s game with being creative. Wolfie write up here.

Maya Angelou and Still I Rise (2016) – Wolfman Rating 8.5 – IMDB Rating 7.9
The remarkable story of writer, poet, actress, activist Maya Angelou. A documentary I watched with my daughter Nyah for her A-Level studies. A recommended and interesting watch.

The Night Comes for Us (2018) – Wolfman Rating 7.5 – IMDB Rating 7.1
The Raid guy Iko Uwais stars in another bonkers bloody and brutal Indonesian martial arts film. Father and Son action packed film and KFC night. It’s on Netflix.

They Drive by Night (1940) – Wolfman Rating 9 – IMDB Rating 7.3
I loved this trucking movie from Raoul Walsh starring George Raft and Humphrey Bogart. Pop on over for my review if you want to know why. Wolfie Write Up Here

Coach Carter (2005) – Wolfman Rating 7 – IMDB Rating 7.3
Wanted something I didn’t have to think about. Searching through Netflix I noticed I hadn’t seen this Samuel L Jackson college basketball film. It was ok. Great morals and values, could of been a bit shorter.

In a Lonely Place (1950) – Wolfman Rating 8.5 – IMDB Rating 8
Nicholas Ray unleashes Humphrey Bogart and Gloria Grahame on us. Pop on over for my review at Wolfie Write Up Here

The Caine Mutiny (1954) – Wolfman Rating 8 – IMDB Rating 7.8
Fans of the British comedy Red Dwarf may or may not know that Humphrey Bogart’s stern Naval Captain Queeg was the idea for season 2 episode 5 ships computer take over by Queeg 500. I never knew. Then to top it, Bogie’s Queeg has steel worry balls too. Used later in the series by Rimmer. I let out a little squeal “Grind those balls, sir. Grind them!”

What Ever Happened to Baby Jane? (1962) – Wolfman Rating 8.5 – IMDB Rating 8.1
Finally I got to this classic Robert Aldrich film that stars that legendary feuding duo Bette Davis and Joan Crawford. No point doing a post when Eric over on his superb film blog Diary Of A Movie Maniac does a most excellent review. Pop over for a read.

Seven Faces of Dr. Lao (1964) – Wolfman Rating 7 – IMDB Rating 7.3
Perfect Sunday afternoon watching. A George Pal movie I hadn’t seen. Tony Randall plays seven parts in this wonderful fantasy, mystery, western. A film with good morals.

The Petrified Forest (1936) – Wolfman Rating 10 – IMDB Rating 7.6
I loved every single second of this wonderful tale of fate and destiny. Pop over to my Wolfie Write Up to see why I loved it so much.

November proved to be another fun month with me ticking of a whole heap of Bette Davis and Humphrey Bogart films. I did see a few other fine films but have held them back for future posts. Keep an eye out for them over the next month.

Hope there were a few goodies in there you have seen and liked? Thoughts, recommends etc always welcome.

Keep watching the screens. Thanks for having a gander. Michael Wolfster

24 thoughts on “What’s Been Watched This Month – November 2018

  1. We already talked about High Sierra so I’ll skip that one.

    I love Cluedo the board game but didn’t see the film Clue until my 30s. As you say, was maybe not widely released, the title suggests was created for a US audience and the UK would name it “Cluedo” of course. Entertaining enough movie, yet I didn’t care much about who lived or died. I read online about the 1985 release strategy with various endings depending on the venue which was a fun idea and added to the board game feel of it, even if it stinks of a gimmick to boost the grosses! But at least with more purpose than Michael Jackson’s Invincible album sleeve in five different colors which is just silly 🙂

    What Ever Happened to Baby Jane? (1962) is a pretty dark movie for the time. I gave up first time around as I hated Jane. Decided to give it a second go and could appreciate the great performances and that everything that happens could take place in real life which makes it doubly disturbing. Apparently the real-life hatred between Davis and Crawford spilled over into the production. If so, I’m happy I wasn’t on the set!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Hi Chris, I did have a search around to see if Clue was released overseas as Cluedo but it doesn’t sound like it was. But looks like it didn’t make it over to the UK until after 1991 which would be the reason I missed it during the 80’s. The gimmick must of been weird if friends from different areas started to discuss the ending and they both had seen different ones. LOL could of caused quite the rift.
      It would of made the film very short though because it was just an hour and half with the 3 endings all stitched together. Tim Curry was NUTS hehe.

      I’m just about to start watching the series “Feud”. So it was good to get up to speed before. I keep hearing so many stories about their legendary feuding. Haha yes you would not want to be on the receiving end of their fury. I’m looking for to seeing how Robert Aldrich (Alfred Molina) fairs. 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

  2. A great round up. Caine mutiny. Bogie rocks. Did u spot a young Lee Marvin in there?
    Thanks for the link to Eddie Robinson flick. Never seen it.
    You should catch up to the Bette and Joan series the Divine Feud. Great book as well. Same title.

    Liked by 1 person

    • I certainly did spot a young Lee Marvin. I’ve been constantly surprised how many movies he’s popped up in during the 50’s as I’d always assumed he was from the 60’s era onwards before I did this blog.
      Oh that’s good news on the Eddie Robinson film. I think you will really appreciate it. It’s a really good melodrama with a few surprises. Plus bonus, it’s just over an hour long from a school night.

      Liked by 1 person

        • I certainly have my friend courtesy of you when I first started the blog. A real treat of a film. A couple of the other early great roles I’ve seen him in over the last few years have been, The Big Heat, Eight Iron Men, Attack and Violent Saturday to name a few. He had such an amazing presence to him even back than.

          Liked by 1 person

    • One of the reasons I kicked myself up the arse and watched those two Bette Davis / Aldrich films was so I could enjoy the Feud. Gonna start watching it this week. Doesn’t Susan Sarandon and Jessica Lange look perfect casting. Interested to see how Zeta-Jones fairs as Olivia de Havilland. Very much looking forward to it now I know the source material.

      Liked by 1 person

  3. Great bunch of movies. I watched this Scapegoat with the 2012 version, always like to see remakes and other adaptations close together, it’s fun to compare. I love that Dillinger too, and REALLY enjoyed Undertow!

    Liked by 1 person

    • I didn’t know there was a remake of The Scapegoat Kristina! Looks good, I will keep an eye out for it. However much we all love Alec Guinness I just wanted to love the original more than I did. Loved the scenes with Alec and Alec and the young girl was excellent. It just didn’t have that magic. Interested to see how the new version fairs up… BTW I’m still to see Daphne Du Maurier’s Rebecca!! Yep I know! The shame! hehe


      • No shame! so many movies, so little time, and you have to leave some big classics “to watch” or life would get boring. I have a cool direct-to-video actioner for you– Braven with Jason Momoa, won’t change your life but will entertain. Also, wasn’t The Night Comes for Us, just unreal? Probably the most amazing action I’ve seen slathered over a thin story 🙂

        Liked by 1 person

        • You do have a knack for spotting these new action films. I may of skipped Braven but I now know it’s gonna be solid bit of fodder. Actually I might watch it tonight if I can. Like to squeeze a newie in between all the classics.
          The Night Comes For Us was brilliant. I liked that Joe Taslim was the main character, he was superb in The Raid alongside Iko Uwais. I loved Bobby the silly drunk guy who was loyal and psychotic brave to the end.


        • As soon as I saw Stephen Lang name I would of put money on him being the bad guy! was not expecting him to be gigantors dad! It was great fun, the opening credit sceneries where jaw dropping beautiful. Have to say I laughed out so loud at the end with the bear trap LOL. Good fun thank you.

          Liked by 1 person

            • Haha the flaming axe was a nice add lol… BTW I just read your “more about me” on the Classic Movie Blog. All your answers to the questions are spot on and exactly how I feel about doing this blog. Especially the last 3 answers. Plus I’ve just added “Highway 301” to my to watch very soon list. That sound right up my movie alley. Thank you 🙂


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