Space Seed (1967) Into The Wrath Of Khan (1982) A Star Trek Double Bill

Star Trek Space Seed The Wrath Of Khan Botany Bay USS Enterprise title

Sometime during the 1990’s the Eugenics Wars had torn much of Earth apart. What with scientific gains in DNA mapping and experiments in cloning causing upheaval across the nations. The experiments had created a more advanced human, physically stronger with heightened learning abilities. In fact the characteristics were more than the scientists expected. They had helped create a human with more drive, determination and ego. All the ingredients needed for conquerors, tyrants and military tacticians.

Tagline – At the end of the universe lies the beginning of vengeance.

Boldly warping through space in the year 2266, the Federation starship USS Enterprise is happily going about it’s day to day business, awaiting its next story line. Right on cue there’s the arrival of a “sleeper ship” with technology at least 200 years from the past. A seemingly derelict ship called the SS Botany Bay, adrift in space. A ship with a crew of 82 passengers asleep in a state of suspended animation. Luckily the Enterprise has a gorgeous redhead historian onboard to help figure this mystery out. Lieutenant Marla McGivers (Madlyn Rhue) likes to paint gladiators and stand in soft focus lights.

Star Trek Space Seed The Wrath Of Khan Lieutenant Marla McGivers Madlyn Rhue

With failing sleep pods the crew of this traveling cargo are slowly dying. If they revive the groups leader, they can understand what they are doing so far from Earth. Marla’s eyes up the hunk with giant pectorals, silky hair and lovely tanned skin. Marla was drooling before he’d even opened his eyes, well he is wearing a fishnet catsuit!. Stepping out from his 200 year old bed is a super hunk, in fact a super Sikh. The physically, mentally and intellectually superior genetic superman, Khan Noonien Singh (Ricardo Montalban)

Star Trek Space Seed The Wrath Of Khan sleep pod

Captain James T. Kirk (William Shatner), First Officer Spock (Leonard Nimoy) and the rest of the Enterprise gang are about to meet their match with Khan and his superior army. Though a little troubling is our Captain Kirk seems more concerned with Khan’s amazing charismatic lady hypnotising abilities. When he’s got over the shock that he’s not head hunk of the galaxy, will he be able to defeat this mastermind and his super Sikh powers?

Star Trek The Wrath Of Khan space seed Ricardo Montalban

Little did they know that this battle of the brawn and brains would last another 20 years. Kirk would gain reading glasses and an annoying son! And Khan would acquire a band of merry ginger Mad Max men. The rest they say is history!

“Better to reign in Hell than to serve in Heaven.”

Star Trek The Wrath Of Khan Ricardo Montalban

I’d seen Space Seed 25 odd years ago, well overdue for a rewatch. The beautiful HD gave it an amazing new look. Quite strange to see them all in such high definition. Uhura (Nichelle Nichols) looked devine and for the love of good god her dress was shorter than I could ever of imagined.

Star Trek Space Seed The Wrath Of Khan kirk Uhura (Nichelle Nichols) sexy
Those eyes say “I want you Wolfman” I’m sure of it?

Now I know The Wrath Of Khan is arguably the best film in the series but for me I’ve always had a sweeter spot for Star Trek: The Motion Picture (1979). Still have vivid memories of it at the cinema. It maybe slow for some but it’s visually incredible to look at and for me, that ending is pure genius. To come up with that screenplay idea at around the same time of the real space probe is incredible to me.

Watching Space Seed and Wrath together works surprisingly well. It gives the 1982 film so much more depth and emotional kick. That final radiation scene is still as heartbreaking as it always was, sure to make even the most unemotional Vulcan to push a tear drop through a duct!

Star Trek Space Seed The Wrath Of Khan chekov
Khan “I can still smell it!”

I read a funny anecdote about Chekov (Walter Koenig). As Chekov had not yet joined the cast of the original series it was strange that Khan remembers Chekov in the film. The theory goes that Chekov was there, just sat on the toilet! When even a superhuman gets caught short, he’d been urgently banging on the toilet door. When it opens, a sheepish Chekov is standing there and Khan never forgets a face. So there you go!

Star Trek Space Seed The Wrath Of Khan kirk spock uhura bones

What an inventive idea to take an episode from the original series some 15 years ago and imagine that story continuation into not only a film but a sequel at that. To have been able to encapsulate not only a movie that ultimately works on it’s own merits but can be enhanced knowing the origins of the two. With such passion for stories it’s no wonder Star Trek is the most loved and longest running science fiction series that just keeps giving.

Do you have a favourite episode of the series or films? One that comes to mind that I must revisit was called “Wink Of An Eye” from season 3, episode 11. It featured invisible invaders that travel at incredible speeds resulting in a contrast of perception. Remember it being an ingenious idea. I must revisit it. Actually it’s on Netflix, let’s go see.

Live long and prosper.

Star Trek Space Seed The Wrath Of Khan amazing Japanese poster
Amazing Japanese poster art

12 thoughts on “Space Seed (1967) Into The Wrath Of Khan (1982) A Star Trek Double Bill

  1. Love this series so much. Space Seed is a cracking episode and Wrath Of Khan is an even better film. As for the gaffe about Chekov, I just choose to believe that Khan knows Chekov because he read the crew list when he browsed through all the ships records and saw his photo and remembered the face.

    I have so many favourite episodes from this series, but one I really love is The Tholian Web, as it features so many great Bones and Spock moments when they deal with the possibility of losing Jim. I also adore Balance Of Terror, Shore Leave, Dagger Of The Mind, Court Martial, Mirror, Mirror, The Immunity Syndrome and The Squire Of Gothos. Where No Man Has Gone Before is my favourite of the two pilot episodes.

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    1. Amazing list of favourite episodes Maddy. I’m so pleased to see all three seasons are on Netflix and I’ve been dropping in every now and again. So amazing watching them again and they look beautiful in HD. I will head to the ones you mention when I go in next. There’s some classics in there. Yeah the Bones and Spock banter and interactions are the best.
      Hehe Khan and his super memory always remembers a face. I might be wrong but I think that is the only time in the film that Khan uses his super strength. As he picks up poor Chekov…..
      Hope you have an excellent weekend Maddy. Winters coming!!!! It’s freezing.

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  2. The absolute best Star Trek movie! As for favorite episodes, mine will always be “City on the Edge of Forever”, written by the late Harlan Ellison and featuring Joan Collins as Kirk’s doomed love interest. Doesn’t get any better than that one!

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    1. Right I’m gonna watch that one this weekend. Now you say Joan Collins I definitely remember that one but can’t I’m hoping I don’t recall the story. Can’t wait to see it again. I’ve seen most of the episodes but so long ago and lots slipped through the cracks. I’m loving watching them again on Netflix and in such beautiful quality.
      Harlan Ellison did the amazingly bonkers A Boy and his Dog! Loved that crazy film…. Just noticed a remake might be on the cards? Way too controversial to make now! Surely.

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  3. “When he’s got over the shock that he’s not head hunk of the galaxy,” ha ha, good one 🙂 Thanks again for telling me about “Space Seed” which I had fun watching. The actor who plays Khan has great presence on screen.

    My personal favorite of the films remains 1986’s Voyage Home. The supporting cast are given a bit more to do and I like the extra humor. The story is slightly wacky and far-fetched but still entertaining.

    Have you watched the documentary 50 Years of Star Trek (2016) ? Particularly interesting were the best TV episode picks. Could be old news to Trekkies, but I found it eye-opening. Inspired by that I discovered The City on the Edge of Forever (1967)

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    1. Ricardo Montalban has been about. Surprising where he’s been. He got on in the Planet Of The Apes films, Naked Gun! Cannonball Run II, The Colbys!!. I was fascinated to find out he had done a few film noir too.
      Did you know that Khan Noonien Singh actually played Ricardo Montalban in a CSI series original? 🙂

      Yes your so right Voyage Home is a delight. Such humor and the cast are having the most fun. It really shines on the screen. It’s a pure joy to watch…. Number 6 has that certain charm too I think.

      I’ve seen a fair few Trek docs. Though not sure on 50 Years of Star Trek? I will go investigate. Thank you. I’ve seen most of the episodes but so long ago and lots slipped through the cracks. I’m loving watching them again on Netflix. So I have probably seen City On Edge but I’m going to watch that next. Gary from Cracked Rear Viewer just recommended that episode too. Hope to see it tonight.
      Many thanks Chris for the great comment.

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  4. Love this film. Saw it at the theater when it came out. Quotable as hell and kind of makes you wonder how many other undiscovered territories,….. I mean sons were born to James T. Kirk out there among the stars. City On the Edge of Forever a classic. Also love A Piece of the Action and Devil In the Dark among others.

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    1. They should do a film called Planet Kirk. Where all his offspring have populated a planet. From all the different species across many galaxy and universes that he’d sowed his seed. Giant statues and icons of Kirk everywhere. An ever growing society of kirk’s……. Actually thinking about it, it may have become a little incestuous. Ummmm better scrap that idea! #getscoat

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