Wolfman’s Hot Ladies Of Sci-Fi – Princess Aura

Princess Aura Ornella Muti always so sexy

Here’s a little appreciation to those sexy, kickass ladies from science fiction movies that made this here wolfman howl at the moon through his teenage years. It was meant to be a series but I got side tracked and only ever posted one lady, the delectable Princess Ardala from Buck Rogers. Well it tells you something that she holds the top spot for views on my site. Totally understandable I know. So as I’m doing a science fiction month special it seems only right to give Princess Ardala a run for her money.

Ornella Muti Princess Aura Flash Gordon ming the merciless

Step forward that devilishly naughty other princess of sci-fi, Princess Aura from Flash Gordon. Thankfully she didn’t inherit any of her father, Emperor Ming the Merciless, looks. Instead this ridiculously beautiful dark haired vixen with blue cat like eyes is merciless with her killer looks. With a deep seductive voice, this princess can mesmerise and hypnotise anyone who happens to pass her by. I tell you right now if Mikey Wolfman was in her presence on Planet Mongo I’d be a quivering gibbering wreck. I’d happily live in her posh cushioned palace boudoir with her and the servant girls tending to her every needs. Sign me up for a daily pillow fight.

Ornella Muti Princess Aura Flash Gordon Wolfman sexy ladies sci-fi

“Oh Wolfy I’m waiting for you”

Not only is she extremely very naughty she also a sweetheart under all that spicy seductive sultry facade. Yep she’s adorable. She even stays super sexy when she’s being tortured and whipped, what a girl! Right that’s it! calm down wolfy! calm down! Bucket of cold water on stand by.

Ornella Muti Princess Aura Flash Gordon Wolfman sexy ladies sci-f space babe gif

Now get your stinking dirty hands off her you mustachioed dashing cad Prince Barin. She’s mine, all mine I’ll tell you. Quickly I make plans to have him shipped off and banished to the ice moon Frigia. And Mikey Wolfman and Princess Aura live happily ever after sat on the throne of Mongo forever.

Ornella Muti Princess Aura Flash Gordon Wolfman sexy ladies sci-fi 3

Princess Aura in the 1980’s cheesy but brilliant Flash Gordon was played by Italian actress Ornella Muti. Who is still incredibly just as stunning today as she was then!

She’s been in countless of Italian films looking crazy sexy. Her first film La moglie più bella (The Most Beautiful Wife) from 1970 sounds like an excellent movie. It features a soundtrack by legendary composer Ennio Morricone. Sounds like there are some real gems to be found in her Italian productions. Il viaggio di Capitan Fracassa (The Voyage of Captain Fracassa) from 1990 sounds great. Any recommendations, please let me know.

I may have to rent Appassionata (1974) for unknown reason!

Ornella Muti in Appassionata (1974)

Ornella Muti in Appassionata (1974)

She starred with Sylvester Stallone in the John Landis film Oscar (1991). I’ve never managed to bring myself to watch it but now I know that not only is Ornella Muti in this movie but so is Marisa Tomei. I may of died and gone to heaven! Double babe action but I’m still not sure I can bring myself to watch it!

Here’s a few other Princess Aura’s

Priscilla Lawson as Princess Aura

Priscilla Lawson as Princess Aura 1930’s

Shirley Deane princess aura

Shirley Deane as Princess Aura 1940’s

Melendy Britt as Princess Aura cartoon version flash gordon

Melendy Britt as Princess Aura 1970’s

Ornella Muti Princess Aura Flash Gordon Wolfman sexy ladies sci-fi 2

Ornella Muti as Princess Aura 1980’s

Who will be Wolfies next sci-fi space babe?

16 thoughts on “Wolfman’s Hot Ladies Of Sci-Fi – Princess Aura

  1. She’s a great character and so beautiful. Like how she goes from being oblivious to her father’s evil, to wising up fast about him.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Yeah she turns on him pretty fast in the end. I love the look that Priscilla Lawson and Shirley Deane portrayed. Especially Lawson looked very daring for the time. Beauty and a tough cookie to boot. Princess Aura, a badass girl from the 30’s to 80’s

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  2. A friend of this movie is a friend of mine! I’ve watched Flash Gordon countless times. Haven’t seen the actress Ornella Muti in anything else. She definitely made an impression as Princess Aura. Great description of her character in your post.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Yeah she did make an impression on me when I saw her on the big screen as a nipper. Hehe yeah I’ve watched it countless times also. It’s a really good film, yeah it maybe camp compared to Star Wars and Star Trek but it made it stand out. I used to rinse the cassette tape soundtrack too. A brilliant OST it is too. My favourite bit of music, when Flash goes into American Football mode. “Go Flash Go”…. Plus what a film for cameos, filled with so many familiar faces. “Ah, well! who wants to live forever?”…..”DIVE!”

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      • Princess Aura was both seductive and a little scary to me as a child 🙂 Indeed a highly quotable movie. “Gordon’s ALIVE?!” Costumes, practical effects and colors great too. I love that Queen track Football Fight you mention which was even used in the movie Ted-here’s the clip if you haven’t seen it ( https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=miU6ruUPZHI )
        I’m also fond of In the Space Capsule (The Love Theme) from the beginning of the movie which perfectly captures a sense of drifting in space . Looking forward to the kickstarter funded documentary Life After Flash (2017) (https://www.imdb.com/title/tt4917554/ ) which I believe is doing the rounds at film festivals. If fails to get a distributor at least we have the YouTube video by superfan Alex Ross.

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        • HOW ON EARTH did I forget that Sam J Jones bit on Ted!!??
          I can’t believe it, I totally forgotten about it. It’s not like its that long ago. Maybe I didn’t like the film that much but that whole scene was worth every penny. Brilliant. Thanks for reminding me. So funny
          Superb psyched for the doc. How awesome and how apt its coming out soon after we chatting about it. If you see it released please hit me up. I gotta see that.
          I’ve used the space capsule theme and the death pod when she pretends to kill flash dialogue for music mixes I done over the years. Such great sequences.

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  3. Great post 🙂 I agree with everybody else on here that Princess Aura is a highly attractive female character within the Science-Fiction genre. I do not know how many installments you have done of this, but would you do one on the character of Princess Irulan from the David Lynch version of Dune? Anyway, keep up the great work as always 🙂

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    • Great call on Princess Irulan, John. I will endeavor to add her to the list of super babes. She is mighty fine. It maybe a bit of a mess but Dude still captures the imagination. Fingers cross that Denis Villeneuve can do a Blade Runner on it and surprise us.

      Liked by 1 person

  4. Good thing I didn’t see that 70’s cartoon as a kid. Don’t think Mom would have approved. When it comes to babes of sci-fi I often think of England’s Caroline Munro in Starcrash even if the film is atrocious. I’d loved to have been her personal costume designer on that one.

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  5. Hmmmm, a tough call between princesses…Ardala or Aura? If ‘both’ is an option, then both it is, but otherwise…I think I’ll have to snuggle in orbit with Ardala. But wait: did Catherine Mary Stewart ever go to deep space?

    Liked by 1 person

    • Both is definitely an option, just takes wiring up two old tube televisions directly into each retina and bypassing a circuit from two vhs players into the back of your head. Press play on both cassettes simultaneously and you create a touchable hologram of both Ardala and Aura. Sit back and enjoy the ride.
      Oh yes Catherine Mary Stewart was super hot and got to go to space in The Last Starfighter. 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

    • Good god we are going to be busy building! The babe list in my mind is astronomical. I’ll be hiding my touchable holograms everywhere around the house!!. A 60’s Raquel Welch under the bed and 70s Raquel Welch in a cupboard. Excuse me Aura can I just get to Ardala behind you. WHAT am I thinking!! Would you both like to come to dinner tonight 😉

      Liked by 1 person

  6. […] Flash Gordon (1980) – Wolfman Rating 6.5 – IMDB Rating 8 It’s so fantastically camp, cheesy and a real product of it’s time. I used to listen to the soundtrack on cassette tape non-stop. It was on the telly and we made the kids watch it with us. Haha I think they liked it? I think they were more transfixed with a, what the hell is this kind of fascination. It’s a perfect 80’s sci-fi with a great spot the Brit cast. The music is fab and oh there’s that wonderful beautiful lady I’ve been in love with for 35 plus years. Princess Aura […]


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