Creature (1985) What’s More Scary? Klaus Kinski Or A Xenomorph Rip Off?

creature (1985) poster alien movie sci-fi klaus kinski william malone

Had to squeeze a turkey in, hey it was just christmas after all. Yeah Creature does riff on and rips off Alien but maybe it’s revenge for 1958’s It! The Terror From Beyond Space?  As you can well imagine Creature is off in another part of the universe in the quality comparisons. But was it really that bad? By this tagline it sure sounds badass.

Tagline – First you die. . .Then the terror begins

creature (1985) spacesuits like a space odyssey designcreature (1985) alien style b-movie spacesuits egg capsule

Well straight off I was pretty impressed with the space suit designs, well it’s the helmet design in particular. To be honest it’s got the look of Dave’s headpiece from 2001 A Space Odyssey. Also the spaceships are mostly decent and impressive for what you can make out. What with the dark shadows, lack of light and grainy images it pretty forgiving. Overall the special effects are great on the budget. The crew on the other hand! Goodness gracious me! Looks like a collection of pornstars, a nail technician and a goth Ripley warrior woman. But not to worry, Klaus Kinski is on hand, quite literally, on hand to cop a feel when he gets the chance ……..

creature (1985) alien style b-movie horror sci-fi

The story is outlined in the opening. Two multinational corporations, Richter Dynamics from West Germany and the American, NTI are heavily investing in space to find new manufacturing materials. It’s not long before these two mega companies come into fierce competition against each other. With two NTI researchers discovering an ancient alien storage facility on one of Saturn’s moons, Titan. It’s not long before shit hits the fan. Inside one of the egg like tombs, an alien creature with fangs thirsty for man flesh.

creature (1985) alien style b-movie rubbish alien design

Tagline – It’s been sleeping peacefully on a moon of Saturn for 2000 centuries … until now!

So as you can well imagine it’s not long before we are in the classic old trope of crew members running down dark corridors screaming and having their faces ripped off. And with the arrival of the mysterious German, Hans Rudy Hofner (Klaus Kinski) sprouting heavily accented crazies, a creepy smile and that wild look in his eyes. Things just got a whole heap more bonkers.

Hans Rudy Hofner – “We found someones collection of life from all over the galaxy. Like a child’s butterfly collection, only that some of these butterflies are not so friendly.”

creature (1985) poster alien movie sci-fi klaus kinski

Klaus doesn’t hang around long, looks his usual strange, squeezes a boob, grabs his paycheck and hot hoofs off that set with a quick wave and an “Auf Wiedersehen Alien-Abschaum“. With heads popping off, faces smashed in, brains being eaten, they still find time for a naked lady possessed by alien love making scene. There’s a character called Bryce introduced as a hardcore military killing machine but she gets lost! It’s a shame as from the whole crew she was the only interesting character. The alien creature is a direct cheapo cheap rip off our friendly xenomorph. There’s no real famous face’s apart from Ferris Bueller‘s Dad Lyman Ward.

creature (1985) alien style b-movie horror sci-fi before head explosioncreature (1985) alien style b-movie horror sci-fi head explosion

Yeah it’s bad but it’s not unwatchable bad. It’s actually ok and does what it can with his budget. Doug Beswick a stop motion and mechanical animation effects wizard on the project might keep this one off his CV but who cares when he’s worked on Star Wars, Aliens, The Terminator and Ghostbusters to name a few.

If you feel compelled to give it a go, you will find it on Netflix or even Youtube as it fell into public domain some years back. If you crazy and want to add it to your movie vault DVD collection then you’re in luck. Director William Malone released it in widescreen under its original script title of Titan Find.

Whatever you do I hope you have fun and pop on back if you see it or let me know if it’s a B-Movie fav.

creature (1985) brillaint artwork spanish vhs cassette tape sci-fi klaus kinski william malone
Amazing artwork on the Spanish VHS cassette tape

11 thoughts on “Creature (1985) What’s More Scary? Klaus Kinski Or A Xenomorph Rip Off?

  1. Yeahhhhh, those helmets! I saw this when it first came out and that was about the sole thing I liked. Also, Hans Rudi Giger probably got a good hearty laugh at his name being misspelled and reused by Klaus Kinky’s character. I think I own a fuzzy DVD of this in one of the Mill Creek sci-fi collections here, but I’ll check later because that means I’d end up watching it and I don’t want to fall down that rabbit hole (just yet).

    Oh, btw – have you ever seen Saturn 3? If not, it’s another not so hot sci-fi flick that completely wastes the talents of a decent director and a few actors who deserved better.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. yeah It’s so strange to homage to HR Giger when you ripped his alien, then get his name wrong and make him a crazy baddy!

      hehe I have seen Saturn 3 but so long ago I really can’t remember anything apart from Farrah Fawcett being cold! 😉 I can’t believe that it was by the same director as Singing In The Rain… Whaaaaaaat I never knew that. I really should rewatch it. Not sure it will make this month of sci-fi but it sure might make a later date.
      Cheers buddy. 🙂


  2. Oh I totally second the Bava recommendations, to which I’ll add Kill Baby Kill… love his stuff, Planet of the Vampires is pretty stylish. Back to this one, haven’t seen but gosh that vhs art does grab me, how fabulous

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks for the tip on Kill Baby Kill. Added to the list. Can’t wait to get to Vampires. Uuuuuum you can give Creature a miss and all will be ok in the world. But if you are bored and fancy some 80’s nonsense at no more that a generous 5/10 then its on Netflix. I enjoyed it for this post is what I’ll say. Took one for the team 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

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