Kronos (1957) Alien Robot Planet Robber Tramples Earth For Power

Kronos (1957) sci-fi giant robot movie awesome poster

An alien light probe parasite takes over the body of a whistling man out driving his truck on an desert road. With a new destination in his head, the possessed man drives to the Astro Physics Laboratory. Forcing himself into the facility the entity takes control of the chief scientist Dr. Hubbell Eliot (John Emery). Secretly the alien invasion has begun.

Kronos (1957) scientist alien takeover possessed sci-fi

In one of the observation labs Dr. Leslie Gaskell (Jeff Morrow) and his trusty sidekick Dr. Arnold Culver (George O’Hanlon) are busy investigating an asteroid they’ve called M47. Dr Gaskell loves his asteroid “M47 is my baby, when I saw it move I got a kind of chill

Lucky his assistant Vera Hunter (Barbara Lawrence) isn’t the jealous type. She’s more concerned when she’s gonna be taken to the movies! For her and Dr Gaskell are dating and how could she be mad when he drops boasts like this! “Do you think you’ll be able to respect a husband that probably pulled the scientific boner of all time?

Kronos (1957) SUSIE supercomuter sci-fi computer dials

Besides there’s another gal in the laboratory, Susie. She’s a sexy big girl, very brainy, she’s got buttons in all the right places. Susie is the scientists supercomputer.
Synchro Unifying Sinometric Integrating Equitensor. Now she’s Dr. Culver’s baby.

Then “Great Caesar’s ghost!” the asteroid M47 starts moving erratically, shooting towards Earth at incredible speed. The base goes into overdrive, surely this asteroid is a UFO!. Soon the papers have hold of the terrifying news. The headlines read “Asteroid heading for Earth” and “Asteroid to be exploded in the upper atmosphere

Kronos (1957) super set design computer rooms map room

With Dr. Hubbell Eliot under the control of the alien entity he has the power and clearance level to command the release of three nuclear missiles directly into the UFO itself. Three direct hits and the UFO comes crashing down into the Pacific Ocean off the coast of Mexico. Maybe this strange alien force was helping? Because it surely must be destroyed?

Kronos (1957) Kronos (1957) Barbara Lawrence swimsuit Jeff Morrow

It came through a billion miles of space! surely two miles deep in the ocean isn’t going to hold it up, right? Time for our scientists to go on a reconnaissance mission whilst larking about eating some random Mexican guys mommas, fiery spicy tacos. After Dr. Culver has drunk enough water, Vera jumps in her swimsuit and Dr. Gaskell strips to his shorts. First things first, a quick swim and then……. “Oh mamma mia WTF is that in the ocean!

Kronos (1957) giant robot alien conquerer of the universe appears

The arrival of ginormous towering four legged, black menacing machine. A terrifying structure far removed from anything earthly. A deadly looking machine of pure destruction. “Lets fly a helicopter and land on it!” Off our intrepide scientists go to meet our new neighbour! Unsurprisingly, one look inside the beast and they hotfoot out of there faster than a greased ferret down a drainpipe.

Tagline – The Most Incredible MONSTER of All Time!

Kronos (1957) Kronos (1957) Barbara Lawrence Jeff Morrow George O'Hanlon helicopter

Cue lots of stock footage of Mexicans running for their lives as four Mexican Air Force jets swoop ready to pound the monstrous mechanical monolith with their military might. But mere ammunition fire power is no match for this tyrannical beast. It just makes it stronger and “By Jove!” bigger too. With it expanding in size each time it’s hit by weapons. Absorbing electricity and power from any source it passes, this is an unstoppable, unforgiving machine of pure magnificent magnitude. The Earth is surely doom?

Kronos (1957) giant robot alien conquerer of the universe

Well unless these three scientists can come up with a plan? Hopefully soon as the Pentagon are now involved. With a B-47 bomber on route ready to drop an atomic bomb right on top of the alien energy-draining machine on a rampage. Can they devise a plan before it’s too late………. So Vera can get to go to the movies at last?

  • Directed by Kurt Neumann who made The Fly with Vincent Price a year after Kronos. Written by Irving Block who had wrote the story for 1956’s classic Forbidden Planet.
  • Jeff Morrow is probably best remembered for his giant cranium, white hair and eyebrows as the alien Exeter from one of my all time favourite sci-fi’s the 1955 This Island Earth.

Kronos (1957) super set design computer rooms

Kronos is a fantastic story and idea. It plods along at a good pace with different stuff thrown at you around every corner. Yeah the special effects look cheesy somewhat now but I still really admire the design of the monster robotic machine as it stomps its way through the landscapes.  The scientific dilemmas and discussed intellectual thoughts are interesting and the characters are enjoyable. Yeah the logic might be silly at times but the overall concept is thoughtful and entertaining. Plus the laboratory interior set designs of the computer rooms are top-notch. Well worth seeking out the pure destructive power force of Kronos if you haven’t seen it.

Kronos (1957) french cinema poster conquerer of the universe
Superb French Kronos Movie Poster

13 thoughts on “Kronos (1957) Alien Robot Planet Robber Tramples Earth For Power

    1. Oh dude how brilliant that is on Deviantart. A fist bump is flying across the sea on it’s way to you. Respects.
      This was my first viewing of Kronos and I really enjoyed it. It has that wonderful way of being intelligent and wordy but at the right level not to go over your head. Whilst expressing an environmental message which unfortunately after 60 odd years we still haven’t learnt!! Great film


      1. I was taking some chicken out of the oven and your fist bump hit me in the back of the head, ow. At least the chicken didn’t fall on the floor, so we’re still on speaking terms. Uh, you and I – that chicken got eaten, lol.

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  1. I really enjoy this one, especially the music and the concept that attacking the thing just makes it worse. Also the Ikea design of the machine-monster, lol . “Ok who ordered this giant Flaåårfull?”

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  2. I last saw this as a kid, and I remember that giant robot thing kinda scaring me a little…I guess because it moved so unnaturally, and emitted a strange crushing sound wherever it went. And by the way, thanks for mentioning ‘monolith’ in your review; other movie blog sites should follow your lead.

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Well, thanks for the post idea, pal. It’ll be like Being John Malkovich, but just composed of the words “Monolith”. Let’s say, um, 1500 words and leave it at that. Oh, and links will be there as well – gotta plug my pals, right?

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