Wolfman’s Mellow Science Fiction Space Travel Mix – Music For The Stars

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Well flying through the galaxies needs a soundtrack. As I blast off ready to explore the universe you are welcome to join me as we watch distant comets transcend through the Milky Way. Drift through interstellar clouds of nebula’s and wonder at the growing supernova of Betelgeuse. Imagining watching C-beams glitter in the dark near the Tannhäuser Gate through Roy Batty’s eyes. Shooting through meteorite storms as we discuss extraterrestrial life, the human evolution path, existentialism and the possible outcomes of artificial intelligence and pondering thoughtfully on time travel.

We dream together through the stars.

Wolfman’s Mellow Science Fiction Space Travel Mix

Alan Hawkshaw – Saturn Rings (Frontiers In Space)
Moggi – Apocalisse Atomica (Omaggio Ad Einstein)
John Hyde – Chocky TV Series Theme
The Astral Dimension – Galassia M81 (Galassia M81)
Space Craft’s Men – Immersion (Adventures)
James Asher – Telecom (Commerce)
Roger Roger – Dreamland (Melodies with a Beat)
John Cameron – 1990 TV Series Theme
Space Craft’s Men – Crossing (Adventures)
Alan Hawkshaw – Wave Forms (Terrestrial Journey)
Serge Bulot – Euryale (Les Légendes De Brocéliande)
Gianni Sposito – Asteroidi (Cosmo Graffiti)
Alan Hawkshaw – Space Panorama (Terrestrial Journey)
Star Inc – Pebbles In The Pond (Inner Spirits)
Robert Ashley – Flying Saucer Dialogue (Music From Mills)

It’s a wonderful 45 minutes of chilled, laid-back science fiction sounding electronic music. Hope you enjoy if it’s your thing. Happy vibes Mikey Wolf

PS if you fancy more sounds, here’s a few past mixes.

Wolfman’s Science Fiction Soundtrack Music Compilation

We Travel The Spaceways

8 thoughts on “Wolfman’s Mellow Science Fiction Space Travel Mix – Music For The Stars

  1. Not familiar with these tunes so I have some exploring to do. I liked the first one in the playlist which has a tranquil mood.
    The words “Roger” and “laid-back” in your post triggered a memory of the spaced-themed 1981 song Roger by Laid Back. A Danish group who had some international success in the 80s.

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    • It’s all pretty chilled ambient electronic music from British, Italian library records. With a French and Dutch guy thrown in alongside a couple of old British tv shows. Very mellow.
      Just had a listen to Laid Back and Roger. Good to hear they were on a space buzz too. 🙂

      Liked by 2 people

      • My pleasure. I’ve listened to two of your mixes and there great. I don’t know if I’ve mentioned it but I’ve been a DJ for 30 years–club, wedding, frat, sports, radio–I’ve done it all. My husband and I own a mobile DJ and Karaoke company. I’ve retired from DJing but my husband and I run the company and we have a stable of DJs. So, anyway, I know a little something about mixes.

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        • I do remember you saying Pam and it crossed over to working in a “shady” place if I recall right. That’s excellent on the DJ company. I bet some of the frat parties get a touch wild! Oh that’s excellent to hear you gave the other mixes ago too. I tend to go off on many different musical genres. They can get a little eclectic at times but I enjoy it. I’ve been collecting records for 35 years now! One whole room filled, much to Mrs Wolfs annoyance! lol

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