This Island Earth (1955) Giant Cranium Alien Abduction Road Trip Through The Stars

this island earth (1955) poster jeff morrow faith domergue rex reason art work

Had to fit in the 50’s science fiction classic This Island Earth. As a teenager I was always fascinated by this films incredible imagination. What was the mystery of why these big headed aliens were sneakily kidnapping nuclear scientists? What was their purpose? And before you knew it this wide-eyed wolf-boy was taken on a kind of road movie throughout the stars with added giant alien bug thrown in for good measure.

Tagline – 2-1/2 YEARS IN THE MAKING ! …to bring you sights of FANTASTIC AMAZEMENT never before possible on the motion picture screen

We get introduced to the dashing, booming voiced Dr. Cal Meacham (Rex Reason) who’s not only a superhunk and an experimental scientist, he’s also a pilot. He’s so damn cool Lockheed have leased him a T-33 Shooting Star jet to muck around in. What a guy!

this island earth (1955) rex reason cal stepping into t-33 shooting star jet

Mind you he soons regrets showing off as the jet suffers engine failure whilst racing through the sky. Surelly poor Cal’s number is up? Getting ready to meet his maker the jet suddenly takes on a bizarre green glow. Stranger still is the jet starts to stabilize as the landing gear automatically releases. Flying down to make a smooth landing at the airport. Jeez that was a close call! Lucky his trusty sidekick Joe Wilson (Robert Nichols) had seen the weirdness unfold from the ground. It was the beginning of much strangeness to come.

Joe Wilson – “Cal, I – I know everybody’s seeing flying saucers and screwy lights up in the sky. Well, you can put me in the booby hatch too, because, so help me, I saw this ship turn a bright green up there.”

this island earth (1955) robert nichols and rex reason scientists

Cal and Joe work together at an experimental laboratory, testing electronic condensers and trying to find news ways of conducting power. With mysterious packages arriving, including an instruction manual with pages made of paper thin metal. Both Cal and Joe are intrigued and build a device from the diagrams. Some kind of communication panel? A voice sounds, then a face. A strange looking white haired man with a rather large cranium. This mysterious man is called Exeter (Jeff Morrow) and Cal is about to be invited to a think tank gathering of big brains from around the world.

this island earth (1955) robert nichols and rex reason scientists build machinethis island earth (1955) jeff morrow exeter alien big head

Relief crossed Cals mind when he realised he wasn’t being catfished by a group of giant foreheaded weirdos. They didn’t want his body, what they wanted was his expertise in the field of electronics. What he didn’t know was the fact he’s part of Exeter’s special research project and he’s not the only candidate.

this island earth (1955) faith domergue rex reason russell johnson scientists

What could be happening at this house on the hill filled with scientists. And this strange Exeter fella wasn’t the only big headed dude wandering around. He had a friend, Brack (Lance Fuller) with an equally freaky head. Something fishy was going on here, they couldn’t be trusted. Cal recognised a familiar face, a brilliant scientist he had met before, Dr. Ruth Adams (Faith Domergue). Can the two of them figure what is going on and escape this mysterious cult like place?

I think after witnessing technology far advanced from anything on Earth, Cal and Ruth had the wise decision to make a run for it. With a high speed car chase whilst being bombarded with laser beams. Exploding cars, people, a house and most probably the friendly science cat Neutron! It was safe to say that after escaping in a plane these two had had one helluva busy day. Time to reflect with a cup of tea…………..

Tagline – Two mortals trapped in outer space… challenging the unearthly furies of an outlaw planet gone mad!

this island earth (1955) chief alien captain alien

Not so blooming likely! Abducted in their plane, they were now inside a UFO flying through space to Exeter’s home planet of Metaluna! And this is where the real fun and excitement begins. For the last half hour they throw the science fiction book at them. Space travel, alien planets, decompression tubes, rival warring factions, comet bombs, a mutant and an iconic scream. It goes bonkers. I’m sure you’ve seen it, want to revisit it? It’s on youtube at time of writing, here This Island Earth.

this island earth (1955) ufo flying saucer earth trip through galaxy laser attackthis island earth (1955) neat specail effects 50's sci fi decompression xraysthis island earth (1955) aliensthis island earth (1955) mutant alien brain bug attack

I loved this film as a kid and watching it again for probably the 10th time still gave me that warm feeling. It sums up everything I adore about 50’s sci-fi films. Wonder, excitement, UFO’s, aliens and adventure through the stars.

I’ll let director Joe Dante sign us out of this post as he chats about his passion for This Island Earth.

15 thoughts on “This Island Earth (1955) Giant Cranium Alien Abduction Road Trip Through The Stars

    • Hi Gary Loggins and Wolfman,

      Yes, some of these Sci-fi movies of the 1950s, 60s and 70s are quite nostalgic to watch.

      I would like to add that my most favourite song sung by Kenny Loggins is “This Island Earth”. One wonders whether the title of the song has any connection to this movie of the same name!

      Moreover, since both Gary and Kenny have the same surname, I wonder whether both of them are related in anyway.

      Liked by 2 people

      • I’m sure Gary can belt out some good blue eyed soul ballads just as well as his name sake. 🙂
        TBH I haven’t a clue about possible connections with the name. Though I have always liked the saying “This Island Earth”. Fits in well with us being a dot in the vastness of space. Plus I totally love the film. A big wolfy fav.

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  1. This is another one that seemed to be on TV a lot when I was a kid, but now not so much. I wasn’t as keen on it as you, I think because there wasn’t a lot of space stuff until towards the end, as I remember it. The only bit I really remember is the famous monster. I think I would probably appreciate it more now and your post makes me very tempted to check this out again.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Yeah you so right, it was on all the time. I think I was just fascinated by the big headed aliens but your right it doesn’t really get going till the last third. It’s one of those childhood films that always caught my imagination. Obviously not as good as Forbidden Planet but these two sparked my sci-fi love as a kid the most I think. Very fond memories. Hehe that mutant design is funny. It’s on YT if you fancied a revisit. Maybe one rainy day have another look. It certainly has enough “not intentional” laughs along the way.

      Liked by 2 people

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