What To Expect This Year. A little Delve Into The Notebook

Wolfman sleeping on a Hastings Beach shelter art deco

After falling asleep on a bench, I stagger home. Science fiction mission completed. Shaking the space dust from my fur as I pack my trusty spacesuit away. Clamber into my hammock with a giant glass of Long Island Iced Tea. Yep, it’s got an umbrella and a slice of lemon. Dressing gown and slippers, check! Time to chill. I grab the notepad off the sideboard. OK let’s look at this years “to watch list!”  It’s monstrous. Haha

2019 should have some really cool gems coming to the blog.  A British scientist runs amok with a thermonuclear device, an American gets into trouble in Ireland. Then another American pops up in London! It’s not the Duke, though I’d love to revisit that.

A tank division takes it alone. A British robbery goes wrong, again. Hangon a minute? a saucy swimming pool! A wonderful Brit girl now living in the States sings through clouds of smoke. A grumpy man writes a telltale book. A posh Londoner drinks too much as a Japanese man loses his dog or maybe he was a gentleman from Hong Kong? I fancy some jazz and also reminisce about a gritty musical film from my youth.

Hope to get to past recommends from fellow movie blog friends and tick off some Bogie, Hitchcock and…. Oh so many. I need to see some more Bergman, Godard, Malle and Tarkovsky. Discover new gems and learn new directors, actors , fun factoids and join the dots to new connections.

So much, so little time. Can’t wait to start another film journey. Enlighten my mind whilst having big fun with movies.

Hope to chat through the year and learn new things. Keep our eyes on the silver screen. Mikey Wolf.

6 thoughts on “What To Expect This Year. A little Delve Into The Notebook

  1. Let’s see if I can keep up with you post-wise this year…I’ll send some movie review ideas your way if you promise to do the same for me. And like you, I also have a list of movies I want to watch and review this year…y’know, LAST year’s list, that I never got to!

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    • Can’t wait to be bombarded by the Cinema Monolith. Yeah I’m sure we will hit some like minded posts as we have very similar tastes. One a month or one a week. Whatever you can do that is fun and easy bro. The order of the day is no stress just fun 🙂


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