Green for Danger (1946) Doctors, Flirting, Doodlebugs, Murder and Alastair Sim

Green for Danger (1946) Alastair Sims murder mystery whodunit movie poster

Joseph Higgins (Moore Marriott) was the friendly village postman. He fondly remembered back to before the war had turned his quaint little village into a WWII hospital. Now it was over run by doctors, surgeons and nurses. Being on the flight path of the German V1 rocket bombardment of England there wasn’t a day go by without that terrible sound filling the skies. The probability you were gonna be blown to smithereens was an everyday worry! Oh how he wished to be sat in the local pub knocking back a few bevvies with his mates.

Green for Danger (1946) Joseph Higgins (Moore Marriott) friendly village postman.

So with all the extra letters needing to be delivered, poor old Joe had to keep trotting up the hill. Each day he wondered if his number would come up as the terrifying drone of a doodlebug flew overhead.  But brave postman Joe always delivered on time. These doctors would get their mail no matter what. They were doing a sterling job patching up all the injured and Joe Higgins was doing his important part.

Green for Danger (1946) v1 rocket doodlebug world war two bomb

And you know what? It wasn’t all work, work, work with those doctors. No, he had seen it.  When they weren’t saving people they spent all day flirting! Especially that cad, Dr Eden (Leo Genn). He happily paraded around the surgery theater in his dressing gown. Always smoking a cigarette whilst eyeing up all ladies and being alpha male over Dr Barnes (Trevor Howard).

Green for Danger (1946) Alastair Sims trevor howard leo Genn in surgery

They were surrounded by five tentative nurses lead by the stern eyed Sister Bates (Judy Campbell) through to Sister Carter (Wendy Carter), Nurse Sanson (Rosamund John), Nurse Linley (Sally Gray) and the kindly homely Nurse Woods (Megs Jenkins). They all kind of got on but he could tell there was an underlying friction between each of them. Well if they’d just get on with their jobs and stop ogling each other they’d probably be ok?

Green for Danger (1946) nurses leo genn Megs Jenkins Rosamund John Sally Gray Wendy Carter

Joe used to joke to himself wishing he could be looked after by those fabulous five ladies. Little did he know that the narrator of the story and soon to be called on Inspector Cockrill (Alastair Sims) had just announced that Joe’s wish would be coming true. As another V1 rocket approaches, that horrible moment when it suddenly goes quiet! Lucky for Joe he’s made it to the bomb shelter.

Green for Danger (1946) Joseph Higgins (Moore Marriott) friendly village postman bomb shelterGreen for Danger (1946) Joseph Higgins (Moore Marriott) leo genn Judy Campbell

Soon this charming little village would become the scene for a murder mystery which would require the masterful mind of Scotland Yards finest, Inspector Cockrill. A quirky facetious man with a strange inquisitive smile on his face. He was here to investigate the murder of one of the nurses and he would enjoy the game as he figured his way through all the clues.

Tagline – …follow this man in the FOOTSTEPS of MURDER!

Green for Danger (1946) Alastair Sims murder mystery whodunit trevor howard

Green For Danger is a wonderful superb whodunit murder mystery thriller. All the interaction between the doctors and nurses is great drama to watch but it’s when Alastair Sims turns up that the film takes to another level. He is such a joy to watch as he wanders around being a nuisance and cheekly pushing answers and questions on to the suspects. Working his tried and tested magic to ousted the guilty party. He’s like a more fun version of his Inspector “Poole” in the fantastic 1954 version of  J.B. Priestley’s An Inspector Calls.

Green for Danger (1946) Alastair Sims trevor howard leo Genn investigating

I loved Alastair Sims playful turn as Inspector Cockrill. Apart from his classic Scrooge  and the above, An Inspector Calls, I don’t believe I’ve seen that much else of his work. Point me in the right direction, pretty please. Which Sims should I seek out next?

Thanks for popping on by to see what this here Mikey Wolf has been watching and feel free to comment away if you wish. Keep digging out those gems and enjoying watching that square screen with pictures.

9 thoughts on “Green for Danger (1946) Doctors, Flirting, Doodlebugs, Murder and Alastair Sim

  1. Superb film.

    It’s always strange to see old Moore Marriott in a straight role. He’s much more familiar in comedies, larking around with Will Hay and Graham Moffat or the Crazy Gang.

    Not seen much Alastair Sim? Hah, you’re in for a treat! Check out these films (and in this order!):

    The Happiest Days of Your Life
    The Green Man
    School for Scoundrels
    Laugher in Paradise
    The Belles of St Trinian’s

    Also great in supporting roles in

    Hue and Cry
    London Belongs to Me

    Liked by 1 person

    • Jay that is a perfect reply. A whole list of Sims to keep me entertained. I must of seen the St Trinian’s film in my youth. Looking forward to see all of them and will start with the first two.
      I see he did a lot of films as the sidekick to Inspector Hornleigh as his assistant, Sergeant Bingham. No ideas what they are. They do sound interesting too.
      Oh I didn’t realise Moore Marriott was in a lot of the Will Hay stuff! Doh! Used to watch a lot of Will Hay in my teens!
      Thanks as always for the info. Much obliged 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

      • I think he did three Inspector Hornleigh films but I haven’t seen them. I’m interested in checking them out though. The second St Trinian’s film (Blue Murder) is arguably the best, but Sim only has a cameo in that one.

        Moore Marriott was priceless in those old Will Hay films, he was a comedy natural.

        Liked by 1 person

  2. I have this one ‘in the collection’, but haven’t seen it yet. At least I now know it’s worth a look. As for Sim’s other films, the only one I can think of that I’ve seen is Hitchcock’s ‘Stage Fright’, and it’s been so long since I’ve seen it, I don’t even remember what part SIm played, much less how he did in the role.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Haha you sound just like me Todd. Anything from, well it doesn’t have to be that long ago tbh, and my mind is askew lol. I haven’t seen Stage Fright but I’m sure I will soon as I’m trying to work my way through Hitchcock’s movies.
      As for Green For Danger I’d give it a strong 8/10 it’s very enjoyable buddy.


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